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It’s been a bit of an interesting week around here.  Bunny was really sick for the first time, Hubby had extra stress at work and I have been working on resolving some ‘friend’ issues.  But, instead of going into all the sordid details, I’ve decided to merely write a list of my grievances, in no particular order, for the week.

*  Just because Bunny is sick DOES NOT mean she is going to infect the whole world.  Nor does she need to go to the hospital, the doctor or the emergency room.  Good Lord, people.  Everyone gets the effing flu!  Yes, she is under the weather.  Yes, she has the swine flu.  Yes, I am well equipped at taking care of her.  Yes, it is scary at times just because she cannot talk to me and tell me what is wrong, but I am not an idiot.  No, you are not going to get infected just by hanging out with ME.  The media and the government has hyped the swine flu WAAAY too much and now everyone is WAAAY too paranoid.  Get the fuck over it, people.

*  Why oh why, do people take their sick kids out when they KNOW their kids are sick?  Seriously.  Bunny got sick BECAUSE we went to a party where two siblings were sick and the parents just wanted to get out and have fun so they brought their infected kids with them.  Thanks, guys.  Thanks a lot.  That was such a swell gift to give.


*  I am not spoiling Bunny.  I do not buy her everything she wants, nor will I ever, regardless of how much money I have, or as the case really is, do not have.  If I bought her everything her little heart desired, she would turn into one of those horrid children on my super sweet 16.

*  Just because YOU have lived on the East Coast and in the snow DOES NOT MEAN the rest of us are clueless on how to live in the cold.  Yes, it is quite rare for it to get super super cold here, but it does.  And yes, my pipes really did freeze and there really was no water.  So stop being such a pretentious twit saying that people in CA have no idea how to deal with the cold.  You grew up in fucking Los Angeles!  And why on EARTH do you think it doesn’t get that cold in CA?  Are you really that dumb that you think it doesn’t freeze like that in the Sierras or in the Angeles National Forest and tons of other places here??  WTF?!

*  If you seriously want to stay sober and really want help, then you need to put forth the effort.  I cannot make you sober.  I cannot do the work for you.  And I am SO TIRED of always picking you up.  I know you don’t have a car, but seriously.  I cannot drive you everywhere.  Ride your fucking bike or get a ride from someone else.  And while we’re at it, you seriously need to wear a helmet when you ride.  Do you not understand it’s for your safety, not for looks?

*  For the love of all things holy, please stop telling me that depression is made up and not real.  You seriously need to STFU about it.  And your reasoning that your friend has it and it is totally legit but that I am making it up is absolutely ridiculous.  Asshat.

*  While everyone parents differently, no one is totally right or totally wrong.  How you parent your kid is your deal.  Please stay out of how I parent mine.  And while I don’t mind suggestions, especially when I ask for them, please stop being a jerk by trying to make me feel like I am doing something wrong.  I know your kid is just a little bit older than mine and so you have been-there-done-that, but we are not the same.  I am way more laid back and relaxed than you, but that doesn’t make me WRONG.

*  Please stop being jealous of me.  I am not doing anything to you, nor am I trying to be better than you.  I am a happy person and I know that pisses you off.  Why can’t you be happy, too?  I know we all have our days, but good lord, lady.  Just stop.  You bring everyone down.  It’s no wonder you don’t have friends.

*  Stop acting like you know it all.  NO ONE knows it all.  You are very annoying.

whew.  I feel so much better now!  I’m off to bake some cookies and cupcakes.  mmmmm!


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  1. I’ve got the perfect song for you to sing along to on my blog today!

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