a thanksgiving recap.

We were running late and it was all my fault.  I had underestimated the time it would take to make the rolls.   I had been asked to bring rolls when I offered to help.  I decided to make them from scratch, rather than buy some overpriced starchy package which I know is what she expected me to do.  Anyhow, I misjudged how long they would take to make, and thus we were running a tad bit late.  We would be fashionably late, though, and not embarrassingly late.

We were all dressed in our best for the afternoon.  I had purchased a darling outfit at the local consignment store for Bunny and she looked like such a doll; a black and white checkered dress with black velvet trim and a lace collar, a matching coat and even a matching hat with a velvet band and bow.  She had on white tights and tiny black patent leather mary janes.   I even spent extra time getting gussied up as I never get dressed up anymore and it felt so good to have a reason to.  I dressed in all black, wore hose and donned my favorite black Prada pumps.   And while I rarely leave the house sans mascara, I spent the extra minutes and put on a full face, including lipstick.  Hubby was dashing as well in slacks and a dress shirt.

Anyhow, we were running late and I was fine with that as I had been dreading going there in the first place.  When we arrived, the first words she said to me were “where in the hell did you get her outfit?” like I couldn’t have possibly picked it out all by myself.  I told her the local consignment store and she gave me a funny look because well, she doesn’t dare buy anything used regardless of it being gently worn or not.  No, instead she would rather be dressed like Biz Markie and think that was normal.  While everyone else gushed over how darling Bunny looked, I unloaded our things and tried to take the rolls into the kitchen, but she came up to me and took them off my hands.   I got several compliments of how wonderful I looked, which made me feel rather good.

We took some photos and had an awkward cocktail hour with some pretty strange looking appetizers which I ever so kindly stayed away from.  I busied myself with Bunny and did my best to ignore the pretentious air that surrounded us.  A big deal was made about the booster seat I had brought for Bunny as it screwed up her seating chart.  And then I really messed things up when I said I wanted to sit next to Hubby.  Ah, yes.  Evidently I had missed the memo that got passed out YEARS ago saying that mates are never allowed to sit together.  EVER.  Seriously.  It is so freaking lame.  For less than 10 people, there is a GD seating chart.  But I won and Hubby sat next to me.  I mean, really.  It was freaking Thanksgiving.  A day of thanks.  A day of giving.  A day of love.  Oh, wait.  Wrong house.

After that whole ordeal, it was time to sit down at the stuffy table.  A salad was served along with some of my rolls.  Then everyone was served what she thought we would want.  In portions she thought we wanted.  There was undercooked turkey ~ though she claimed it was done an hour and a half before we all arrived ~ green beans, stuffing and scalloped potatoes.  That was IT.  Nothing was on the table except for a HUGE floral centerpiece, salt, pepper, butter and some cranberry concoction that no one touched.  The only thing that was self serve was the wine.  Surprisingly, though, she did not get toasted like she usually does.  Then, if anyone wanted seconds, which no one really did, she would get up and serve them what she thought they would want.  Needless to say, I ate a lot of my rolls and green beans.  The stuffing was good, too.  While there was conversation, it was short and stilted.  It was awkward as usual.  Not the normal festive holiday that I love.  No happy chatter and gay laughter.  No warmth and love.

It was finally time for dessert, and this time she actually asked us what we wanted between apple pie, pumpkin pie or some chocolaty concoction.  Then, more awkward conversation.  Finally, Bunny started to get fussy as it was her bedtime.  I got up to tend to her, saying it was getting late and we would need to head out soon.  She insisted I was being silly as Bunny stays up much later when she watches her.  Yes, she does.  Bunny’s bedtime is around 6/6:30.  If she comes to watch her, which is not very often, she will ignore my request of bedtime and keep Bunny up until 8pm just so they can play.  And because of that, Bunny is then wrecked for the weekend because her sleep is so off.  Sure, that may sound like piddly stuff to some, but we all do better when we get our sleep.  Anyhow, it was finally time to leave and we thankfully escaped without too much drama.

And I never did hear from my parents that day.


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  1. Why oh why can’t they just do what we ask and follow the schedule???? My family doesn’t refuse to follow it, but sometimes they ask if the boy can stay up a bit later. Or, I get questions and glares sometimes when I insist that bedtime and naptime must be strictly followed. It’s really for everyone’s good…we will ALL be miserable if the little tyke doesnt’ get his rest.

    BTW, we forgot to call B’s parents on Thanksgiving. Of course, they didn’t call us either, but B didn’t remember to call them til Saturday! oh well =)

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