lesson learned.

“Something has got to be done about this mold.” she muttered to herself as she stepped out of the shower.  The mold had taken over a large portion of the bathtub back splash and was creeping its way over the remainder of the ever disintegrating caulk.  Knowing that her husband was less than handy in the house, she decided it was best to tackle the mold problem herself.  She had some previous experience working with caulk so she figured she was up to the task.  After talking it over with a friend who generously offered to help and supply the caulk and gun, she figured she was ready to go.  For some reason, she found it necessary to causally mention her project to her husband and to her great dismay, he decided to do the job himself.  However, it was not before a minor argument ensued.

“I will do the caulking.” he said.  “You don’t know the first thing about it.”  “Well, that’s not entirely true.”  she responded.  “When I worked at the resort, I learned from the guys just what to do.  I can figure it out just fine.  Besides, I’m more handy around the house than you are.”  Of course, as soon as those words came tumbling out, she regretted saying each an every one.  His feeling were hurt and his manhood was challenged.  She took a deep sigh and prepared for the tongue lashing.  She tried to compromise, saying she would remove the small bits of what was left of the existing caulk, bleach away the mold and clean the tub.  He could then put the new caulk down when she was done.  “No way.  I will just caulk over what is already there.  I don’t want to modify the house.”  he snapped.  “What the hell does re-caulking and removing the mold have to with modification?  Do you know how bad mold is for you?” She was feeling herself flush with frustration.  Her husband had no clue what he was talking about and she didn’t want this project ruined, but didn’t know what else to do.  “Fine.”  she said.  “We can work on it together this weekend.”

Once the weekend came, they both got busy and the mold was forgotten.  On Sunday, she spent the afternoon with a girlfriend and came home to a freshly scrubbed tub.  A strong scent of bleach filled the air in the house and the mold and any trace of caulk was gone.  She was pleasantly surprised and waited anxiously for her husband to get home and finish the job.

He locked himself into to the bathroom for what seemed like hours.  When he finally came out, the only thing he said was, ” if Sparky ever asks to help with caulking again, don’t let me say no.”  She muffled her laugh and walked into the bathroom to check out his work.  With wide eyes she looked at him, trying hard not to laugh.  “um…what happened?” she said.  “Well, the tube of caulk exploded on me and the gun didn’t work right and well, I couldn’t get a bead of caulk to come out so I basically had to wipe it all on with my hands.”  She just shook her head and walked out, silently giggling to herself knowing all along that she should have just had her friend come over and help her and not tell her husband about it until after the project was done.


3 responses to this post.

  1. you, my dearie, are an amazing writer! great story! my hubby is not so handy around the house either…and we have mold in the bathroom, too. Sigh.

  2. teeeheeeee. i’m glad your huz doesn’t read this because AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! GOD men can be such… DOLTS sometimes!!! with the MANHOOD and OH MY GOD DON’T DISS MY BALLS and holy SHIT. I spent MOST OF MY LIFE living… without YOU. I drove without you, I maintained my home and my finances and I PROBABLY made mistakes, but SO WHAT. I can caulk if I want to!

    you go, lady.



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