okay, fine.

I was ever so kindly shown just how I was, and in fact still am, spoiled.  And while I am not at all like Veruca Salt, I am most definitely a Daddy’s Girl.  Sure, I never really paid any attention to the fact that I always received some sort of treat when my dad went on a business trip.  At times I would get a Hard Rock Cafe T-Shirt, or an Esprit outfit.  One time I even got a pair of Guess Jeans, which were most definitely all the rage at the time.  And never once did I wonder how all of my extra curricular activities got paid for.  Oh, and I did them all:  orchestra, private violin lessons, gymnastics, swim team, cheerleading….and the list goes on.  And how could I forget the seemingly endless trips to Disneyland!! We went on vacation each year.  Usually camping, but it was always somewhere different and fun.  The Redwoods, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, the Oregon Coast, Canada.  Sometimes we went on long journeys to Arizona and even Texas.  And every 5 years we went to Germany for the whole summer to visit my Mother’s family.

No questions were asked, either, when I wanted to go away for college.  I was even sent a monthly allowance so I did not need to get a job.  And while I was given my Dad’s old car, it was a car nonetheless.  So, yes.  I was spoiled.  And even now I still am.  Rarely does my dad say no when it comes to something I need help with.  And my wedding.  Oh yes.  How could I forget that?  The amount of money spent, again without question.  Geesh.

So thank you, dear friend, for pointing out my wrongs and making me want to call up my dad and say thank you for all he has done.  I guess I just always just assumed being spoiled meant being a brat.  Or very rich.  Neither of which, I was or am.  Or at least I hope so.  And hopefully, I won’t be proven wrong on that!

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  1. see my previous comment. 😉

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