With all of the stuff I have been dealing with lately, I have recently lost sight of how good I really do have it.  Sure, I am having a rough time with hubby these days, but I know it could be much, much worse. I know that I am not a doormat and I do stand up for myself.  The other day we even had a come to Jesus talk of sorts and he is definitely working on himself.  I know we have a ways to go, but for now, I am feeling hopeful.  I am still going to seek out the help of a marriage counselor as I think it would be best to have an unbiased third party help us through our rough time.  But, I also feel that marriage, like any relationship, takes work.  Granted, it should not always take work, but it it was too easy, I might think there was something wrong.  I know a couple who has never has a disagreement and that just seems all too odd to me.  But, there has been some improvement already. Just yesterday, as we were heading out the door to a graduation ceremony, I went to the fridge to get something to drink and knocked over a container of juice that hubby had just made and it spilled EVERYWHERE.  And by that I mean under the fridge, in the fridge, on the wall….but I was SO proud of hubby.  He did not get mad or raise his voice.  He took Baby from my arms and started helping me clean up.  I was seriously waiting for an explosion from him, but it never happened.  We moved the fridge and mopped the floor, cleaned the wall and he still maintained his cool.  And we were running late.  It was good.  In the car I told him I was glad he was so helpful.  He said he had been working on himself after our talk the other day.  Hey, baby steps.  That’s all I ask for.

Anyhow, I digress.

I live in a beautiful area in a darn cute little home.  Though we rent, we are saving money to one day buy a home.  The climate here is great most of the time.  We never have ice, sleet or snow.  We do get frost and cold, but even that doesn’t last too long.  And even though we are in the middle of a heat wave, the fog rolls in by the end of the day and cools everything down again.  We also have access to several pools to cool off at during the hot days.  And if we go to hubby’s granny’s house, she always has treats for us to munch on.

I drive a nice car that needs no more service than the regular oil change.  And while we purchased my car used, no one would be any the wiser just by looking at it. Perhaps I paid my dues by driving a Saturn for 8 years without any power steering, windows or doors and now I get to drive in my luxurious Volvo cross country.  Hey, a girl can brag a bit on her own blog.  Don’t judge!!

I have an extreemly solid group of friends.  So while I may not always have the best family support, I know I can always count on my friends.  And even though most of them live anywhere but where I do, I am still so close to them all.  Thank god for email and the phone.  Though, since they are good friends, they know I prefer email, Facebook, text and instant messages WAY more than the dreaded phone.

On those rare occasions that we go out for a ‘nice’ dinner it is to a place with cloth napkins and table cloths and great ambiance.  I was reading a website that I frequent earlier and so many of the posters were saying that a ‘nice’ place to them was Applebees or Red Lobster.  I am by no means trying to sound snotty, but I am glad that I know what a nice place really is.  And I am glad that I know how to act at a place like that.  In fact, we went to one the other day for a cousin’s birthday and it was such a treat because I hadn’t been out to a ‘nice’ place since…well…since Baby was born!

I have an AWESOME baby and I love being a mother, something I had no idea that I would like.  Motherhood has come very easy to me and so far, I haven’t had any complaints.  Sure, hubby doesn’t help all that much, but Baby is wonderful and even when she fusses and gets cranky, I don’t mind.  That’s all part of the deal.  And I feel stronger for being able to do everything myself.  It makes me sad when people need so much help and when motherhood is hard for them.  I am totally lucky in that regard.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m SO happy to read this. It sounds like things are going well, or getting better, as of now. you have a great attitude!! And, I TOTALLY agree w/ you on the “nice” restaurant bit.

  2. I’m glad you’re looking on the bright side.

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