things that piss me off.

I am cranky today and here are a few reasons why:

I have a friend who is super competitive about all things baby.  Every time I talk to her she asks me what new things Baby has done and always has some comment about how her baby is progressing faster.  I really could care less.  I know that every baby is different and they all develop at their own speed. And the worst is that I talk to her often.  I now tell her that Baby took a nap, Baby went poo, Baby cried.

I have a friend who has an ugly baby and makes snide remarks how Baby is going to grow out of her ‘cuteness’.  WTF, friend.  Stop being a hater!

Another friend keeps saying how we are both unlucky to have babies that look like their dads.  um…Baby is a mix of both Hubby and me and quite frankly, she is darling.  People who don’t know Hubby thinks she looks just like me.  Besides.  I think Hubby is good looking so I’m glad Baby has some of his features!

My mil left another drunk message on my phone last night.  It is so freaking annoying.  And of course, today she doesn’t remember doing so.

I have to reschedule a much needed hair appointment.  Again.  This will be the third time.  sigh.  I hate scheduling conflicts.

I am annoyed with myself that I continuously breast feed from the right boob and tend to forget about the left boob.  In doing so, my right boob is now 4 times the side of the left one.  Yes, I have a DD right boob and a B left boob.  Hubby now calls them the straggler and the beast. I started with full C before I was pregnant and am rather annoyed now.  Also, finding a bra that fits sucks.

I am starving and don’t really like what I have at home and since we are on a big time budget, I can’t go out and grab lunch.

I bought a new book this weekend and only part way into chapter 1 have decided that I don’t like it.  Hopefully it will get better the more I read, but I hate when a book doesn’t start out good.

When I told Hubby that I have been feeling angry lately, he said that it is because I have unresolved mother issues.  Um, no, I don’t.  I haven’t pretty much gotten over all over them.  Just because I am angry does not automatically mean I have mother issues.

UPDATE:  I decided to eat a turkey pot pie that I bought yesterday.  The best way to make it, of course, is to put it in the oven for an hour.  Well, the last time Hubby used the oven, he let whatever it was he was making spill onto the bottom and burn, so now the house smells like burning.  Yum.


3 responses to this post.

  1. LOL — my sister is always worried about keeping the boobs even. How rude of that person to remark on Baby’s cuteness. She will always be cute!

  2. I think I’d be pissed, too.

    What book are you reading?

  3. Well, I do think she looks like both of you, but I definitely saw YOUR face the first time I saw a picture of Baby…You both have great genes, so I think the cuteness will stick around!!
    Yes, doll, do tell…What book are you reading?

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