date nite!

Last night we had our first date night since Baby was born.  My girlfriend Lisa came over to watch the little miss and Hubby and I went to a movie and dinner.  It was so weird to get dressed in grown up clothes, blow dry and curl my hair and wear make up.  Hubby even shaved and showered.  We went to an early showing of Role Models, which was hilarious, then we intended to go to a great Italian place in town, but it was totally packed and had a 40 minute wait, so we went to a Thai place that was just as tasty.  Dinner was good, but conversation was a bit lacking, mostly because I think we weren’t used to it just being the two of us and being able to eat at the same time.  We had fun, though, and agreed that we needed to get out more often, just the two of us.

It was nice to get out and though I did miss Baby, I didn’t feel the need to call and check in on her.  We got home a little after 8 pm and the house was quiet, which I found to be a good sign.  Lisa said Baby was a bit fussy and didn’t really want her bottle, but she had fallen asleep on Lisa, so all was well.  I noticed the kitties were in the room with the girls, so I suspect that they had been keeping an eye on them the whole time, too.  Atticus is especially good with watching people who hold Baby.  It’s pretty cute.  Lisa wouldn’t let me pay her, so I have to think of something extra nice to do for her.

Hubby is out hunting turkeys right now and Baby is enthralled with her play mat so I actually have some time to myself, which is nice.  I can actually enjoy my coffee that Hubby made on his way out the door and not worry about much of anything.  I’m meeting another girlfriend this afternoon for coffee and I might even be able to convince Hubby to watch Baby while I’m gone, so I’m excited by that.  He seems to have a little more interest in her, which is good.  I think he may be less afraid of her or something.  She’s squealing more and becoming more attentive, so I think that helps as well.  Whatever it is, I’m happy for it.  Since it’s Sunday, there’s bound to be a football game he’ll want to watch, so it’ll be easy to hang out with her and watch a game.  Plus, there is a freshly pumped bottle for her so he has no excuse….I hope!

Ah…my time is up!  Baby is hungry….gotta go…


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  1. We’re going on our own date night on Tuesday for our anniversay. I can only hope that we have something to talk about. =)

    So glad you guys had a good time!

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