I swear to god I want to punch Hubby in the teeth.  He has been driving me nuts the past two days and it doesn’t look like there’s any end in sight.  Yesterday I took Baby to her two month check up and she got her first round of vaccinations.  She did really well and was a little trooper.  She only cried a little, but the sole tear that ran down her cheek was a heart breaker!  Anyhow, I called Hubby after the appointment and he thought I was lame for being sentimental about her crying.  Whatever.  It’s hard seeing my little one with tears.  I was just looking for him to be sensitive, nothing more.  I also had some insurance trouble and was trying to talk to him about it and we got in a huge fight over it.  Turns out my work canceled my insurance a bit early so I wasn’t covered when I went in and had to pay cash.  I made a call to HR and will get things resolved on Monday ~ hopefully ~ but Hubby hit the roof.  Yes, I understand having insurance is a big deal, but I also have in writing that I am covered until October 31, so I don’t think there should be too much problem getting something resolved.  But to Hubby, I was an irresponsible idiot for not taking care of the insurance properly.  WTF?  How was I to know that the policy was canceled early?  And since then, he hasn’t let up.

I recently added his two vehicles to my car insurance policy ~ we had separate policies due to my previous bad record ~ and the new proof of insurance cards just came in the mail.  Well, the cards state that they are effective as of October 25, and Hubby once again hit the roof.  So, I just called the insurance company and they explained that the cars are indeed covered but since my policy was to renew on the 25th, they just sent the new cards out instead of the old ones.  But, the sent me the old cards via email which included the new additions.  You would think Hubby would have calmed down once I told him, but he just gave me a look and walked away as if somehow it was still my fault even though everything was okay.

And I thought that since Hubby had done so well with Baby on Thursday night that he would be able to help out more. But no.  I was wrong.  I pumped yesterday and have a bottle for Baby.  I tried, quite unsuccessfully, to take a bubble bath Saturday evening and about 15 minutes in, Hubby came furiously into the bathroom telling me he couldn’t deal with heating up the bottle and that I needed to get out and feed Baby.  Seriously!?  I wanted to kill him.  I got out as I was tired of arguing, and fed her.  I went back and took a shower, much to his chagrin, but it just wasn’t the same.  He’s convinced that I have the wrong top on the bottle and it doesn’t work right.  I tried to feed her with it and it worked just fine.  I am just so annoyed with him, it isn’t even funny.

It’s now 4 AM and I am up with Baby.  It’s nice and quite in the house, save for the sound of Baby’s swing.  She looks so sweet sitting in there, though I wish she would sleep so I could.  I know getting a nap for myself later will be a struggle.  I tried yesterday as Hubby was napping with Baby on his chest, but he woke up then decided it was time for me to wake up and put a crying Baby in bed with me!  I had only been asleep for 30 minutes,  but he acted like it was a real favor on his part to take her for such a short while.  All he was doing was watching football, so it’s not like he couldn’t take care of her.

I swear this is getting old.  And if I hear him say that he works 60 hours a week one more time, I am going to scream!  Because really, he thinks all I do is sit at home all day and watch TV.  Oh yes.  That’s what he tells me.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Oh dear. Sometimes I wonder why you married this guy.

  2. Me, too, Wendy. Me, too.

  3. I’m sorry he’s acting that way. is he stressed about something and taking it out on you?

    I went through some of that with The Colonel. I think he thought that since I was nursing, he couldn’t really do anything to help with the baby. he FINALLY realized that I was exhausted and needed help, so when I asked him to get up when he cried in the night, he finally did. I never really thought about how hard a new baby would be on our marriage. I hope we work it all out before the boy understands what’s going on when we’re arguing and mad at each other.

    The other thing that would make us argue is that B didn’t feel like he knew as much about how to comfort and care for the baby as me, so he got frustrated more quickly when he would cry. And it is a fine line between offering to help and making B feel like I’m telling him what to do.

    I hope your hubby wakes up and figures some of it out soon. I’m sorry it’s adding more stress and weariness on top of what you already have with a baby. =(

  4. I understand that the first year is really hard for setting up boundaries and limits and evening out responsibilities, but I’d be so annoyed with him, too. He’s a PARENT too. He should be parenting. {hugs}

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