how life has changed in the past month

Since going to the hospital to have the baby, I have not worn any make up. Okay, I did put on mascara one time when I went to the doctor’s office, but besides that, I haven’t worn anything. Since I don’t really leave the house much, I don’t really see the point.

I have not dried my hair, nor have I styled it since the baby was born. I just let it air dry and throw it into a pony tail.

I have only worn ‘real clothes’ a small handful of times since I rarely leave the house these days because I’m still recovering from my surgery. I pretty much live in sweats and pajamas. But, I am so ready to be healed so that I can dress like normal and be active again.

I really look forward to my nightly shower, though I have to wait for Hubby to get home before I can shower so he can watch the baby.

I rarely wear my contacts and opt for my glasses instead.

I spend more nights sleeping on the couch with the baby than in the bed because most nights I’m so tired, I don’t want to drag either of us off to bed.

I finally got my eyebrows done last week after having them take over my face for the past two months. (And thanks to Lisa for taking me!)

I paid my rent 8 days late because I totally lost track of what the date was, something I’ve never done before.

I don’t know the last time I went out to eat or out for coffee.

I am an expert on bad daytime TV.

I keep forgetting that my birthday is next week and I really don’t feel up to doing anything for it, which is so unlike me since I LOVE birthdays.

I didn’t send anything to 3 of my girlfriends who had birthdays this past month because I was either in the hospital (audra and jacarandabush) or I was too beat (sally) and I feel really bad. I did call/text all of them, though.

I have not picked up much more than a trashy magazine to read. Even when I have wandered into the bookstore, nothing has struck my fancy.

I have become over stimulated by people. I know everyone means well, but going from not having people visit that often to people over all the time as gotten to me. Sometimes I don’t answer my door during the day when someone stops by at random.

I’m getting better at asking and accepting help. Two of my girlfriends have been so helpful, spending time with me, picking up stuff from the grocery store, bringing me lunch and coffee, hanging out with the baby so I can shower and helping me with the laundry.

I haven’t driven since I went to the hospital. Since I still can’t lift anything heavier than baby, and since I can’t go anywhere without her, I’m stuck at home or stuck having someone else drive me around.

I am so behind on writing thank you notes. I have, however, ordered baby announcements, though I haven’t gotten those in the mail yet, either.

I haven’t rocked out to music in so long, mostly because I haven’t been driving and that’s when I normally listen to music.

I can spend hours just watching the various facial experssions Baby makes.

I don’t find motherhood hard or overwhelming.

The boobie buffet is open 24/7 so I always have to wear something that is boobie accessible.

I have cried relatively little since the baby was born. I have only had a few minor melt downs, and those didn’t last very long at all.

ETA: I just finished almost all of my thank you’s AND got all of my announcements addressed and stamped.  Everything will go in the mail after the 49er game is over.  Whoot!  Thankfully Baby took a big nap on Hubby’s chest so I was able to get everything done.   But now she’s waking up, so it’s buffet time again…


3 responses to this post.

  1. Aren’t all those changes amazing?? Things that are important to you just change so much. I experienced most of those things, too. But, I tend to go stir crazy, so I was out driving a few days before the doctor said I could. And I healed pretty quickly so I pushed it to go back to the gym early (mostly because that’s where I see all of my friends).

    I’m SO glad you’re enjoying Baby. Those facial expressions are so fun. And, believe me, I totally get you about the boobie buffet…I had to choose my outfit for my cousin’s wedding based on accessibility! =)

    No worries about no gift. Spend your money and time on that little girl! And just keep me updated with pictures…that’s the best birthday gift. =)

  2. Sounds like you’re hanging in there!

  3. I’m glad to hear you’re holding up. 🙂

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