day one alone. sort of.

Today was Hubby’s first day back at work and aside from a few minor meltdowns from Baby this morning, everything has gone just fine.  I made a pot of coffee, but wasn’t able to pour myself a cup until 2 hours after it was brewed and 4 hours later, I still haven’t finished the cup.  And I’ve only eaten half a sandwich and haven’t showered yet, but that’s okay.  I did nap a bit this afternoon when Baby did and Hubby should be home in about an hour and I’ll shower and eat then.

I did have to visitors today, which was really nice.  My friend Susan came by this morning and stayed for about a half an hour before she had to be at work.  Then my friend Brian came by just after Susan left and we visited for about an hour.  Brian and I work together so it was fun to catch up on some of the work gossip.

I’ll be able to drive again in about a week, though I haven’t really been wanting to as my abdomen still hurts and Hubby has been such a rock star with all his help.  But even when I can drive, I won’t be able to do much as I can’t lift anything heavier than Baby, so that will really limit what I can do.  But that’s okay because the less I go anywhere, the less I’m likely to spend.  right?  right?

I have tons of thank you’s to write again but I totally lack the motivation to get writing though I know I really should.  Maybe I’ll start to tackle those tomorrow…


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  1. I hope the rest of your first day alone went well. I did NOT like that day. I think i made my mom come down and hang out with me. So glad you had visitors, that helps! And just take it slow w/ the thank yous. Everyone understands! =)

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