ooh. i’m cranky.

and for no real good reason, either.  I had a wonderful time with my girlfriend Lisa this afternoon.  She came over around noon and we chatted and caught up then headed out to lunch and at a local burger joint, because, well, the baby wanted a milkshake…and a cheeseburger…and fries…and onion rings!  After our tasty lunch we headed into town to check out an Italian bakery, but sadly, they were closed today.  So Lisa, being the absolute doll that she is, took me to the grocery store and helped me with my shopping!  She was just the sweetest thing, helping me with the groceries.  Ever since I fell off that step ladder a few months ago, I have been able to ask for help and accept it, which has been something hard for me since I insist on doing everything myself.  But thankfully, I have seen the error of my ways and take the help that is offered.  I am so blessed for having such wonderful girlfriends who help me out.

It was really hot today and it still hasn’t cooled down and it’s already after 9 pm.  My crankiness started late this afternoon, probably because I couldn’t cool down and couldn’t get comfortable.  And I want this baby out!  And in the past few days, my hands have been cramping up and it’s getting rather annoying.  It’s especially bad after I have napped or slept for the night.  My fingers and joints literally cramp.  It’s the weirdest thing and it hurts.  It feels like I have been gripping something really tightly, but I have not.

But, the kitties have been extra loving, which is nice.  It’s like the know something is going on.  I had to take Atticus to the vet the other day because he had a skin rash on his tummy.  The vet said it was most likely a nervous disorder, that he was anxious about something.  He had to give Atty a shot of cortisone and he’s been better since.  But he has lost some weight and that makes me nervous.  He’s been eating and loving, so that’s good.  I think he’s nervous that something is going on at home and he’s just not so sure what it is.  I love my little sensitive kitty.  I know the baby will be a big adjustment for him when she comes.  I think Sawyer will be just fine and I hope that will help Atty see that everything will be okay.  I try to be extra loving towards them, to reassure them.  I know the baby will have to come before the kitties, but I am hoping we can all get along together.  I have several friends who have pets and they haven’t had any problems when they have a new baby, so hopefully things will go smoothly here as well.

I have now discovered a new favorite author:  Philippa Gregory.  She wrote the Other Boleyn Girl, which was the selection for my book club this month and it was fantastic.  I read the whole book in just 4 days and it was over 600 pages.  I loved it.  Subsequently, I have read the Boleyn Inheritance and am now on to the Constant Princess.  I love historical fiction and these books are just awesome.  I loose hours at a time when I’m reading these books.  I am immediately in England, in courts.  It’s amazing.  I have read other books from the same time period and loved them as well, especially the Courtesan, the Dark Queen and the Silver Rose all by Susan Carroll.  I think if I could live in any other time in history, it would be during the Tudor reign in England.  It just intrigues me so.  And the dress!  I love how everyone dressed.  I love the mix of lust and romance.  And the beautiful language everyone used.

Well, I must say, I am definitely feeling less cranky now.  There’s just something soothing about writing that always seems to calm me down.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I think being about to pop out a baby is a good reason for crankiness. Glad you are enjoying the historical fiction.

  2. I think everybody reads Philippa Gregory but me. I definitely need to change that!

    Won’t be long now, darlin’….

  3. I was so hot towards the end of my pregnancy…and unfortunately, it stretched into AFTER the baby was born, too. Air conditioning never felt so good!

    Hope the little miss shows up soon!!

  4. Sometimes you just gotta get it all out. 🙂

    I read the Dark Queen but haven’t moved on to the others yet. Should I?

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