how is already august?!

The countdown is on to my due date as I only have 17 days left.  Monday I will hit 38 weeks, so really, I could deliver at any time now. Holy Cow!!  Here I am at home yesterday:

big baby belly!

big baby belly!

Last night I ordered a few things that I didn’t receive from showers like a changing table pad, a diaper genie, a crib mobile, a boppy and a co-sleeper. Today I went to Target and got more sheets as I only have the one set and I know that won’t last long!  I had some extra time, so I checked out some other shops and good lord.  The sales people were so freaking obnoxious, it’s no wonder I enjoy to do the majority of my shopping online!  The gals at Sephora where an absolute mess with their faces so full of make up and their crazy false eyelashes.  I then went to Bath and Body Works to smell some goodness and the gals there were just as bad, though without all the make up.  I understand they need to sell and provide customer service, but they sure made me high tail it out of there with their constant questioning if I was finding everything I needed.

Tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary.  I cannot believe it’s gone by so quickly.  Our first date was in January of ’00, so we’ve been together now for almost 9 years, which is wild.  We dated for just shy of 2 years before we got engaged, then were engaged for a year.  And here we are, 5 years later with a baby on the way.  Where does the time go?  So much has changed.  Then, we were both recently out of college and just starting out.  Now, we are both well established in our respective careers ~ okay, hubby is more established that I am, but still ~ I have had the same type of work, albeit in different industries, for the past 9 years, so I’d say that’s pretty established.  Hubby has since earned his MBA and I’ve gotten sober.  We’ve moved several times and have been in our current location going on 4 years.  I still talk to all of my bridesmaids, except for one, but I expected that before we even had the wedding.  Hubby still talks to all of his groomsmen (we had a rather large wedding party, with 6 on each side) and that makes me feel good, too.

Tomorrow we’re just going to be low key as we don’t have much extra money to spend.  We’re going to a nice dinner and that’s about it.  Hubby bought me a sweet dress yesterday as a total surprise and I can’t wait to wear it.  He had hoped I would fit into it now, but unfortunately, my belly is too big.  But, I should be able to wear it soon enough.  He found it at a vintage store near his work on his lunch break yesterday.  It’s just darling and I promise to post a picture when I can fit into it.  I am so ready to be able to fit into normal clothes again.  I know I won’t loose weight right away, but as soon as the belly is gone and the baby is here, things will be so much better!

Well, Happy Weekend!!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Happy Anniversary!! Wow, time sure does fly! We had so much fun at your wedding.

    Thanks for the belly shot. You look GREAT! And the big smile on your face says it all. =)

  2. Posted by Maggie, dammit on August 2, 2008 at 6:44 am

    HOLY CRAP CHICA, LOOK AT YOU! You look so beautiful! I can’t believe how fast your pregnancy has flown! (I know, I know — for ME, maybe, but not for you. Been there.) 😉

    Oh, and it looks like we share the same wedding anniversary, huh? Happy to you and yours!


  3. thanks, sally. it was fun, wasn’t it!

    maggie! i’ve missed you! happy anni to you too! 🙂

  4. Happy Anniversary! You look great, and it drives me crazy too, when you walk into a store and you are asked incessantly if you need help. Do I look incompetant?

  5. Posted by Simon Le Bon on August 4, 2008 at 1:07 pm

    Great pic Shell.

    But, like, WTF is a “boppy”?

  6. I can’t believe your young’un will be here so soon!

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