nothing to see here.

So I was all ready to upload some photos from my fun baby shower this past weekend, but I can’t find the cord to connect my camera to the computer!  When we started transforming the office to a nursery, I must have put the cord somewhere so clever, even I can’t find it.  I will not buy another, as I already have two of them, but I digress.

Our weekend in LA was great.  We hit traffic on Friday since we left a bit late in the morning, but all was well once we got there.  The weather was great and even on the warm side.  My girlfriend lives just a few blocks away from the beach so we all wandered down to the pier for some tasty Mexican food.  Hubby and I fell asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow that night.

Saturday Hubby and I got up early and headed back down to the beach so hubby could do a 5k race right on the sand.  As he was running, I was able to sit on the sand and enjoy the scenery.  A gently breeze floated off the shore as surfers danced on the waves before me.  If I wasn’t pregnant, I’d be out there with them.  As the salty air beckoned me, I wandered into the water and splashed around for a bit.  Oh how I wanted to swim.  I was a bit nervous swimming in the ocean while pregnant, so I just waded up to my thighs.  It was awesome nonetheless.  Being in So Cal, the water was the perfect temperature as was the salty sea air.  After the race was over, we hung out on the beach a while longer before we headed back to my friend’s house.  I didn’t want to leave!

Guests for my shower started arriving around 11 AM and soon after the boys ~ hubby, my friend’s hubby and my dad ~ heading out for some male bonding time.  Well, okay, it was just to get away from all the estrogen in the room!!  The shower was loads of fun and I got all kinds of goodies.  My mother was the biggest surprise, acting so maternal and grandmotherly.  I really do hope this child changes her.

Sunday we left super early as not to hit traffic and made it back home in 6 1/2 hours.  But, sadly, we arrived to tons of wildfires so the air quality has been just awful.  Ash is everywhere and we haven’t seen blue a blue sky since our drive on Sunday.  We have to keep the house closed up so none of the bad smell comes inside.  Even the sun is cloaked in a veil of smoke so it appears orange and menacing.  Where I work is just as bad as the smoke has settled in the valley and there hasn’t been a breeze in sight.  I’m hoping this will end soon, as I’m so tired of this awful air!  Hubby has a 10k race coming up on the 4th of July, but if the air quality stays this bad, he may not be able to do the race. 

I am now 32 weeks along ~ 8 months ~ and I’m getting bigger each day.  I had to buy some more maternity pants, again, because I have grown out of the other pairs I have.  sigh.  I have tons of hang out at home clothes, but working is a whole different dilemma.  I actually have to look decent and put together and can’t wear sweats or jeans. 

I am currently craving everything peach, especially fresh peaches, peach yogurt, honey bunches of oats cereal with peaches and peach pleasure jamba juice.  I have also discovered sparkling orange juice made by san pellegrino.  It is so friggen tasty!  I have also been eating a lot of raisin bread. 

Last night we had dinner with a girlfriend and her husband.  My friend gave me a fun gift: a chain of paper rings ~ like the kind you make at Christmas to count down the days until the holiday ~ so I can count down the days I have left until I leave the dreaded job!  So clever!!  As of today, I have exactly 30 days to go…and I can’t wait!




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  1. I hope you find your cord so we can see pics from the shower. I’m glad you had a good weekend. And, wow…maybe the peanut will change your mom! I saw a shirt this weekend that said “little peanut” on it, but it was boy colors and a 3T or something…but it made me think of you.

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