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I have nothing too exciting to say, but thought I should write something.  I always wish I could magically produce something on a whim, but usually when I think of something great to write, I am nowhere near the computer and don’t have a scrap to write on.  Like in the middle of the night.  Or when I’m driving home and stuck in traffic.  But, here are some random things that have been on my mind lately:

Monday, while talking to my dad, he asked if I would like him and my mom to come up and help me once the baby is born.  To be honest, I was blown away as I never thought that was something they would do.  I told him, yes, please, I did want them to come.  It would be such a big help.  Even though my folks are a little different, my mom cooks really well and she totally cleans.  Two things hubby’s mom doesn’t do at all.  He even told me they would stay at a hotel, which is fantastic as our house is mini and there is no room for them to stay once we have the baby and the office/guest room  has been transformed into a nursery.  When I told hubby, he was quite excited to get the help. 

Three of my girlfriends have also offered to help out as well, and for that I am so thankful.  All three live out of town, but not so far that they can’t come visit for the day.  One lives about 30 minutes away and the other two live a little more than an hour away.  Even if they come for a day or a weekend, it will be such a big help.  Two of them have new babies, so they will definitely be able to show me the ropes.  One of them is finishing up cooking school in Italy and has promised to make me some delicious meals.  I can’t wait for that!

I don’t understand what the big deal is with bugaboo strollers.  Seriously.  To me, it’s just a status symbol.  They cost upwards of $800 and really aren’t that great.  Two of my girlfriends have them and one of them has admitted that while she likes the attention she gets from having one, the stroller itself isn’t that great at all. Evidently the kid can only either sit upright or lay completely flat.  And by upright I mean fully upright, not even at a slight angle.  I would imagine that to be pretty uncomfortable.  But who am I to say.  I was with the same friend when she bought it and now she says she would never tell her husband that she doesn’t like it.  I don’t blame her.  Hubby would kill me if I spent that much on something and didn’t like it.  But, to each their own. 

I guess I’m just really that much into status.  I buy things because I like them, not because it’s cool or trendy to do so.  Now, I’m not saying that’s what my friends did with their strollers, but it just seems like that’s what a lot of people do.  I drive a nice car because it is safe and practical.  I drove a Saturn for 8 years and it was time to upgrade.  We saved for a long time and bought a used car with low mileage.  We did a lot of research and take good care of the cars we own to make them last for a long time.  Now, I’m totally not saying that people shouldn’t buy stuff that’s trendy or for status, but it’s just not for me.  I tend to like stuff that other people don’t have, to be wait     for        it……………………original.  Yes, I know, that’s usually not posible , but I do try.  I like to be slightly different that what everyone else has.  For example, I simply adore kate spade.  I have loved her for years and years, before she became really popular.  I loved that she was sassy, whimsical and unique.  And I loved that she only had 3 stores; 2 in New York and 1 in San Francisco.  But now, she is everywhere.  I still love her, but feel that she has sold out ever so slightly because she is no longer boutique.  I just like the idea of having something different.  Somehow, to me, it’s more fun that way.  Don’t get me wrong, I still buy her stuff like mad, but it has lost that extra special unique feeling.  But maybe that’s just me.  That’s also why I made my most bestie friend in all the world go to a recently opened kate spade store in our hometown and buy me a bag that has the nickname of our town on it.  It’s just an ordinary tote bag, but I figure that most people won’t have the bag, especially since there were only 50 of them made, so I will be different. 

People who don’t rsvp drive me nuts. Yes, I admit, that I have not RSVP’d a few times in my life, but I can count those on one hand.  And even if I am unable to attend an event, I almost always send a gift, if it is that kind of event.  I highly doubt that I will receive anything at my shower this weekend from those who aren’t coming.  I’m not saying I only invite people who will bring me a gift, but if you cannot even RSVP, then you definitely won’t be sending a gift.  But it’s not even the fact that I won’t get a gift, it’s more of the fact that these people just don’t care.  If they did care, they would let the hostess know that they can not attend.  Or they would have the decency to let me know that they can’t come.  It does hurt my feelings when people don’t have the common decency to say they can’t come.  It makes me feel like I’m no worth a few minutes of their time to let me know.  Now, I totally understand reasons why people can’t come to functions.  I absolutely understand.  But seriously.  How hard is it to send an email or pick up the phone to let someone know you can’t make it?  I know I’m beating this like a dead horse, but little things like this just drives me nuts.  It says a lot about someones character.  Speaking of which, yesterday when I got home there were two packages for me from two different friends who can’t attend my shower next month.  Now they are on top of their game.  They sent me lovely notes as to why they couldn’t come.  But, as my dear friend Doc always says about one of the girls, “now she is an upstanding American” and she sure is.  And I was just chatting with my girlfriend who is throwing the shower next month and she said hubby’s Granny even sent her a card rsvping!  How cute is she!! 

I found out this yesterdaythat my new girl ~  and hubby’s longtime hair stylist ~  is moving to Colorado next week.  I am so sad!  Just when I finally found someone to do my hair and my nails, she up and moves.  I’m went to her last night for a much needed mani because she does such a great job.  I really wanted to get a pedi, too, and had originally made the appointment to do so, but we had company coming over last night so I didn’t want to be too late getting home.  Besides, they brought pizza.  I had wanted to go once a month for the last 3 months of my pregnancy to get my nails done as a treat for myself, but I will settle for what I can get from her until she leaves, unless I find someone else amazing, which is quite a feat in the tiny area in which I live.

I just discovered a new series of books and I am smitten ~ thanks jacaradnabush ~ .  And while they are a departure from my normal reading of book club grown up literature, they are so fun.  And such quick reading.  The first book in the series is called Twilight by Stephenie Meyers and it’s just too much fun.  I seriously read it in two days as I could not put it down.  And now I’m totally hooked.  There is a movie based on the first book coming out in December.  My girlfriend said this author is supposedly the next J.K Rowlings.  Now, I wasn’t much for the Harry Potter Series, only reading one book, but I did enjoy the movies, so I’m definitely looking forward in some fun reading ~ while I have the time!

I had another doctors appointment this morning and everything is looking great.  I’m now 31 1/2 weeks along, so just shy of 8 months.  I feel like I am growing a ton every day.  I can’t tell if little miss peanut is doing gymnastics or playing soccer, but I do know that she is moving a TON these days.  Lately my biggest craving has been jamba juice.  I had 4 last week and am up to 2 already this week.  At least it’s mostly good for me….oh, and we’ve picked out a name but we are keeping it secret until she is born.  So, no.  I’m not going to tell you.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m so glad it went well at the doctor and so glad that your parents are going to come help.

    More belly pictures!!

    Can’t wait for little peanut to show up so I can learn her real name. =)

  2. I have had so many people suggest that series to me! I’ll have to pick it up.

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