a boring recap.

well, i’m back. did you miss me? no, probablly not. we went to scottsdale for the weekend to catch some baseball. it was a bizarre trip, to say the least. i ended up taking friday off and just couldn’t get motivated, though i had a ton to do. i eventually got everything done and managed to pack up, get out of the house and pick hubby up from work by late afternoon.

we got to the airport waay too early because hubby never travels so he’s hyper paranoid about missing his flight. and by early, i mean a good 3 hours. to catch an earlier flight would have cost us quite a few pennies and i was feeling too cheap to do that since i was paying for the entire weekend.

we finally arrived in phoenix and proceed to get lost as soon as we drove out of the rental car place, so we drove through this totally shady part of phoenix. nice. and we had a totally crappy car ~ a honda civic hybrid. i will never by a hybrid. those cars suck. sure, it’s good for the environment and all, but that car was awful. it’s no wonder honda stopped making the hybrid.

by the time we arrived at our hotel, it was after 11 pm and we were beat. but, since hubby didn’t eat anything since lunch, he was starving. so i had to take him to get fast food, since that was the only thing open, and promptly fell into bed as soon as we got back.

saturday we slept in and i demanded we go to breakfast. this was quite the feat to accomplish as hubby doesn’t eat breakfast. we finally found some awful place that made denny’s look like a 5 star joint. i couldn’t even finish my meal, it was so bad. so really, we weren’t off to that swell of a start. while at breakfast, we had to figure out our plan for the day. see, the giants had a split team for the day, so they were playing two games at the same time at two different stadiums. well, i clearly wasn’t paying attention when i bought the game tickets as i bought tickets for a game in tuscon, a mere 120 miles away. so, we opted to check out the other game and see if we could get tickets there. we got there 2 hours early and they were already sold out. grr. i then spotted a scalper and we ended up getting great seats for only $35 a pop. whew! (hubby said he would have been fine driving the 120 miles, but that seemed like such a haul to me.)

the weather was perfect and the game was fun. we ened up leaving before the game was over as the giants were loosing, but headed over to the botanical gardens where we wandered around for a while. we then headed over to cabelas to check out the dead animals..err..hunting supplies.

on our way back we went to the olive garden for dinner. i seriously hadn’t been to an olive garden in like 5 years. but, it tasted the same a i remembered. once again we were beat by the time we got back to the hotel and crashed almost immediately. sunday morning we did the drive thru at mc donalds and headed over to the ballpark where we had tickets. since were got there so early, we headed over to an arts and crafts fair a few blocks away. as we wandered around taking in all the goodies we found some art we really liked and wouldn’t you know it, both of the vendors were from the town we live in. in fact, both of them have galleries here. so needless to say, we didn’t buy anything.

about a half hour before the game we headed back to the stadium. our seats weren’t as good as the day before, but the stadium was much nicer. we still had a good time and this time we stayed almost to the end, but the giants were loosing again so badly, we left before traffic got bad and headed to the airport. we got there early, again, but this time we were able to get on to an earlier flight, and just by the skin of our teeth, too. we were nubers 4 and 5 on the standby list and they took 6 people total. we were split up on the flight, which was fine as we both slept for most of the flight anyway. and i’m so glad we got that earlier flight since our original flight had been delayed several times and by the time we left at 5:30 pm, our flight had been pushed back to 8pm!

we stopped at in-n-out on the way home for dinner and were in bed by 10 pm. of course, i could not get out of bed this morning, but still managed to make it here on time. but somehow i lost my keys, yet again. i had to take the spare key to my car and to the house. i just can’t figure out where those damn keys are. my keys were in the ignition when i picked up hubby, but he ended up driving to the airport on friday and i know i didn’t take my keys with me to arizona, so i have no idea where they could be. sigh.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by WendyB on March 11, 2008 at 6:22 am

    You’ve eaten enough fast food for a lifetime!

  2. Posted by shell on March 11, 2008 at 6:36 am

    no kidding! and i’m not a huge fast food fan either, so i’m in a bit of detox right now. 🙂 hehe. i had a nice salad for lunch today.

  3. Posted by Sally on March 11, 2008 at 11:40 am

    I missed you! I’m glad you got to go on your trip, even if it was a little bizarre.

    I’m off for my trip tomorrow. I’m looking forward to no work this week. =)

  4. Posted by Terry on March 14, 2008 at 12:10 am

    Glad you were able to get away for the weekend! I am getting anxious to get out and do something away from home!!

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