grumpy mcgrumperson.

i’m a bit grumpy this morning. i had a horrible night of sleep last night as i just couldn’t get into a confortable position. nothing seemed to work. and now my back is killing me. i know, waa.

and yesterday, i had planned on visiting on of my girlfriends that i hadn’t seen in a long while until hubby got all fussy with me and i had to change my plans at the very last minute. see, he wanted me to drive out with him to see one of his friends and it annoyed the crap out of me. i don’ t know his friend very well and this guy does our taxes so hubby was going to drop off our tax stuff then we were all going to have lunch. i asked hubby on friday if it was alright for me to visit my friend instead, and he said it was fine. so, i made plans with her. well, sunday rolled around and he got all fussy saying i would rather hang out with her than him and yadda yadda. i was in no mood to argue more than we already had, so i gave in. i hate cancelling on people. she even had something for me. grr. i’m going to try to see her after work tonight.

oh, and yesterday hubby said that i need to invite my mother in law to any shower that is thrown for me or else her feelings would be seriously hurt. okay, so now i ask all of you, are you kidding me? i don’t want her at the showers! yes, i am an ass. she is a pretentious snot that looks down her nose at everyone else and is pretty nasty. i know her group of friends will throw me a shower and that will be painful enough. trust me when i say that. and no, i will not be asking any of my friends to attend that one, as it was a disaster when i asked them to my bridal shower almost 5 years ago. my mil has this nasty group of friends that don’t want any outsiders participating in their activites.

so, i do not want her attending the shower my girlfriend is throwing for me in LA. is that wrong? do i just ned to suck it up and invite her? i won’t be inviting my mother to anything BUT the one in LA. besides, i am not driving from nor cal to so cal with her in the car. and where would she stay? not with us, that’s for sure! am i being a total sniveling snot about this? i have no idea what baby shower protocal is, but i really didn’t think my mother in law had to be invited to all of them. i’m secretly hoping one of my friends up here will throw me one, but i haven’t been asked. if that does happen, i’m not inviting her. she doesn’t even know any of my friends!


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  1. Posted by Sally on February 26, 2008 at 4:40 am

    I just went through the whole MIL/shower thing. I’m NOT inviting her to the one the girls from church are throwing for me. I don’t know if she’d come anyway, but I decided not to invite her. She wouldn’t know anyone there anyway.

    I will invite her to the one my gfriends from the gym are throwing. That’s also the one I’m inviting some of MIL’s friends to, and my mom will be there, so it will be more comfortable for her anyway.

    I don’t think you need to invite her to the LA one…that’s a LONG way to travel…would she actually go? You could just say that you don’t want to put her out, so you’ll be ok if she doesn’t come…will that work?

  2. Posted by shell on February 26, 2008 at 4:45 am

    good. i feel better now. she came to all my wedding showers and was a total bitch, i was so embarressed! i don’t mind inviting her to any i’m thrown up here, but i really don’t want her coming to LA.

    when are your showers?

  3. Posted by Gina on February 27, 2008 at 3:37 pm

    Dude, I’m sorry but your husband is on crack. Your MIL should be invited to the family shower and that is it.

    Your mom could be a different story. But your MIL? So not even involved.

  4. Posted by shell on February 28, 2008 at 2:14 am

    i totally agree. when i told my girlfriend (who is throwing the shower) she said i can put my mil on the invite list, but she may just happen to forget to send the invite. HA.

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