are you kidding me?!

so i opted not to go to the meeting tonight because i don’t want to be social and honestly don’t think i will stay awake the whole time. that being said, i still need to find a speaker for the meeting on friday night. so i called a gal that i know. well she just spoke at a meeting last night and thought that friday might be too soon. okay, i can understand that. the community is small here so many of the same people go to the same meetings. but, she said she would speak at my meeting in two weeks, so that was kind of her. and i told her i would speak at the meeting she secretaries tomorrow night. she then gave me the name of another gal we both know and said she would be a good one to ask to speak. well, i just called this other gal and she said no to speaking on friday because she spoke at that meeting A YEAR AGO. wtf is that?! i totally get the other gal who spoke yesterday, but are you fucking kidding me that you don’t want to speak because you spoke a year ago? you know, this gal is one of the very first people who approached me at my very first meeting and said i could call her and so on. and every time i tried, she had some lame excuse about why she couldn’t talk to me, so i dropped her. she was a loser from the start and clearly hasn’t changed in the 2 1/2 years i’ve known her. the lamest part is that since i started the secretary position (the first week of january) she tells me every week that if i ever need help finding someone to speak, she knows a lot of people. i’m over it. i called the first gal back and she was very helpful in suggesting people who i could call for friday. but i think i’ll ask my father in law. i’m tired and i’m ready to go to bed.


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