it’s so angry…

and by it, i mean me. i am in a horrible mood today and the people i work with are only making it worse. i work with the biggest bunch of idiots and i have figured out why. see, i work in the service industry right now and you don’t have to be smart to be here. in fact, they don’t even care if you have finished high school or can speak english to work in service, at least around here.

yes, i know. everyone has got to start somewhere. but seriously? i’m so over it.

just this weekend our IT guy had to move the ‘company-all’ email to the bottom of the email directory because so many people accidently send ‘comapny-all’ emails because they are not paying attention when they are cc’ing on email. really? is it that hard to look at who you are sending an email to before you hit send? and these are people in management who are making this error.

another thing that drive me batty is that people who work here think they are at the same level socially and financially as the people who stay here. um..are you fucking kidding me? we are a 5 star resort. our rooms start at $800 a night and go to well over $2,000. our restaurant has the same reputation as the french laundry and you’re trying to tell me that because you work here, you think you are just as affluent as those who stay here? i bet the highest income earner here is only in the mid 70K range. (yes, this is a good salary..but not if you’re upper level management!) and that might be two or three people, max. pretty much everyone here is a blue collar worker. now, i’m not saying that’s a bad thing. i’m just stating a fact.

just the other day at a meeting, someone in charge commented how we might be going into a recession. um…really? this has been on the news for MONTHS and you are just now paying attention? also, the type of clientele we have here would not be impacted by a recession. the people who stay here do so because it is mere pocket change to them. many are celebrites, socialites and political figures who could give a rat’s ass about how much they are spending.

another thing that’s weird about the people here is they think i drive a totally fancy car– and i am only driving a 2003 chevy trail blazer. sure, it’s got a few bells and whistles, but it’s a freaking chevy. you should have seen their eyes bug out when i had my volvo. you would have though i drove up in a bently. the other day i was mentioning to my boss that hubby and i had been looking at volvos again and had found one almost exactly like the one we had for only 24K and he looking at me like i had two heads for wanting to spend that much. he then went on to tell me how i could buy a new american car for way less. um, no thanks. it’s called safety. i want to feel safe and walk away from an accident like i just did. if i had been in my american made saturn, i would not have been so lucky.

maybe it’s just me, but working in corporate environments and other industries has left me with a higher set of standards than the people here could even manage to attain. everyone here thinks it’s fine to work at an hourly wage, punch the time clock and get overtime for some extra hours. holidays are at a premium, but hey, we do get time and a half if we work on them. and that’s fine for some people, but just not me.

and while i have a decent position and get decent pay, i am still hourly and it drives me nuts. i don’t know the last job i had that was hourly. maybe working retail when i was in college. i’m all for people working in the service industry, but it’s just not for me. especially at a place where people have such an attitude and they are stupid on top of it. i used to agree with the “those who can’t do, teach” but now, i believe the correct saying is “those who can’t do, work in the service industry”. teachers at least have an education and are giving others an education. and the are doing. people here are not doing and would never, ever make it in the real world.

but, i am going to continue sucking it up an stay until i have the peanut. i will probably not come back after that. i can only take this for so much longer. i need to be around people who can at least write in complete gramatically correct sentences or god forbid use spell check before a document goes out.


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