in the middle of the night*

so i’m up and it’s the middle of the night. i’m pretty much wide awake at this point with no sleep coming my way anytime soon. i first woke up because i had to pee and then just wasn’t able to fall back asleep, over 2 hours ago. i finally gave up all hope for sleep and made a nest on the couch in the living room. i turned on the heat and closed the bedroom door, lest hubby complain that the heat is on.

oh yes, he is quite a tyrant about the heat. he would prefer us to freeze rather than pay the heating bill, which really isn’t all that much. seriously. i’m not kidding. this has been an ongoing battle for me. being that we live in a really old house, we only have a propane wall unit as a heater. at some point this summer, the pilot light went out and hubby refused to have it lit again once winter came. um, seriously? our house gets to a lovely 40 degrees in the winter. not okay. and since the heater is really old, the pilot light has to be lit by a professional since it’s pretty tricky. a few weeks ago a girlfriend was over and was able to light it and hubby hit the roof, saying i had undermined him by lighting it. whatever. i refuse to freeze my ass off because he is a miser. anyhow, the pilot light “mysteriously” went out over the weekend when it was a warm 29 degrees outside and i hit the roof. i immediately called the propane company to come and light it, saying I would pay the friggen bill with my spending money so the house account would have to pay for it because this was getting ridiculous. so anyway. the heat is on and i have one the battle. FOR NOW.

so here i sit, on the couch all bundled up with sawyer on my lap. i was going to write a post about how i’m having a huge pity party for myself and wouldn’t you like to come, when i read a few posts by the darling maggie and well, she put things into perspective, yet again. sigh. fine. pity party over. for now, at least.

but i must say, that yesterday was one of my crummiest feeling days yet. i am seriously over being sick every friggen day. i know millions of women have been through this, but i am SO OVER IT. i am tired of feeling like a parrot eating crackers and toast all the time. and my prenatal vitamins seriously make me want to puke and they actually have a few times. i have to take them and lie down while willing my stomach to accept the dreaded beast. every. freaking. night.

i left work a half hour early yesterday because i was feeling so awful and i’m thinking that since i’ve been up most of the night that i will just call in sick today. i will be a wreck otherwise. well, more than normal, i suppose. and for someone who never calls in sick or is late, this whole pregnancy thing has put things into a whole different ballgame.

*billy joel river of dreams, which i wish was happening right now rather than being awake…


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Maggie on January 24, 2008 at 4:44 am

    awww. (How many times have I said “awww” in your comment section??)

    You are far too sweet to me. And it’s OK to have pity parties once in a while, I think. We have to take care of ourselves.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better.

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