thursday thirteen.

thirteen things that make me feel old

1. i bought some girlie magazines this week, cosmo and glamour, and i no longer can relate to the articles, fashon or verbage. and all the talk about gen y! holy cow. i didn’t realize that gen x was no longer relavant in those magazines…

2. when i talk about the great music from the 80’s, most of my colleagues have no idea what i’m talking about since they were BORN in the 80’s.

3. same goes with movies i talk about. many of my colleagues have never seen (or heard of) such classics as the karate kid, the goonies or all the brat pack movies.

4. when shopping with a girlfriend for her daughter’s birthday, i realized how awful children’s games are. candyland and shoots and ladders look nothing like they did when i was growing up. now everything i s all politically correct and way too plastic.

5. i find children’s programing to be awful. what happened to the smurfs, captin kangaroo, school house rock and 3-2-1 contact? at least reading rainbow is still on…

6. i would much rather spend a little extra on clothes that will last longer and wear better than buy what is super trendy or super cheap.

7. going out for coffee and having a great conversation with a friend is more appealing to me than going to a club.

8. i would rather buy a safe care than a flashy car.

9. i actually want to (and make enough to) have money in savings rather than spend everything as soon as i get it.

10. my vacations are planned out and saved for so i can get the most for my money and go somewhere different each time.

11. i realized the other day that i had graduated high school 15 years ago this june and that i really can’t relate to kid’s who are in high school now.

12. i would rather meet a girlfriend for brunch than go out and party all night long.

13. seeing a kid with a cell phone. i didn’t have a cell phone until midway through college. now kids as little as 5 years old have actual cell phones! it’s crazy! sure, parents say it’s so they know where their kid is at all times. but seriously? shouldn’t you know where your kid is? especially when they’re that young? even through high school you should be able to know where your kid is.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sally on January 18, 2008 at 5:50 am

    Oh, this is a great list. I can totally relate! And do these people know what they’re missing to have never seen Goonies??? That’s one of the all time best movies, EVER!

    And even though we graduated high school all those years ago, and we can’t really relate to the weird things they do now…I STILL remember a lot of the pains and struggles of HS, and I think I’ll be able to help me kid grow up. BUT, that doesn’t mean that he won’t accuse me of not understanding him or of not knowing what he’s going through. =)

  2. Posted by pussreboots on January 18, 2008 at 6:41 am

    Tee hee. We must be about the same age. Happy TT.

  3. Posted by Gypsy on January 19, 2008 at 1:27 am

    Holy shit, I forgot all about 3-2-1 Contact!! What a blast from the past. And I can relate to all your 13. Except for the one about savings. Stupid restaurant soaked up all our money. Sigh.

  4. Posted by WendyB on January 28, 2008 at 10:34 pm

    Ha! I graduated high school over 20 years ago. I’m way ahead of you in feeling old.

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