tut tut. looks like rain.

our big winter storm is here, pouring buckets and buckets of rain. we’re expected to get 5 inches of rain in the next few days and the mountains are to get around 10 feet of fresh snow. there is a high wind warning in effect for the next few days as well, as it’s supposed to reach 50 miles an hour in some places. we desperately need the rain, so this this storm will be good. and i love a good storm. i just wish i wasn’t at work…but i’ll make the best of it, tucked away in my office without any windows. i can hear the rain pounding away outside, which i like. i won’t open the door since it’s so cold outside, though.

i have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow so my boss told me to check the weather reports before i come in as it may be too bad of a drive. is it bad that i’m secretly hoping not to have to drive in? my appointment is at 11:15a, so i won’t be able to come in first as it would be silly to drive 45 minutes and work for 2 hours to just turn around and drive 45 minutes back, have my appointment then drive back again. so i figure i’ll just go in late and stay a little late. but we’ll see how it all pans out. as much as i like the rain and storms, i don’t like driving in them at all.


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