sunday, sunday, sunday!!

can you believe christmas is only 9 days away? yikes! are you ready? i’m not. i thought i was, but i’m clearly not. sure, our house is all pretty and decorated, but i’m not quite there on the gifts and goodies. hubby is all taken care of as are my folks and a few girlfriends. i have no idea what to do for my mil and i need to get two of my girlfriend’s packages shipped out tomorrow so they get them in time. i’ve only sent out half of my holiday cards. and i would like to bake. i thought i was done with one of my girlfriends, but after going through everything yesterday, i feel that her gift is lacking so i need to get something else. she’s coming up to visit me on thursday for the weekend, so i better get going on that. i also have to make sure my folks stuff is ready since she’ll be taking their gifts down to them when she leaves on sunday.

luckily, i have all day today to get stuff done. hubby is going into work for a bit so i will have the house to myself. and yesterday we cleaned, so i don’t have much besides some laundry to do today, though i swear the laundry procreates at night. sigh.

last night one of my bestest friends and her husband came to dinner and i gave her her christmas gift, so at least that was taken care of! speaking of dinner, we went to a yummy thai place in town and it was delicious. then we took a stroll around the plaza and it was so nice with all the holiday cheer everywhere. it was so good to get out and socialize, as we seem to rarely do that anymore. and hubby really likes my friend’s hubby, which makes things so much better.

now on to some sad news…today is one week that finn has been gone. yesterday we took fliers around the neighborhood and put them in mailboxes and posted them on telephone poles for a good mile around our house. we then went to 3 different animal shelters in the county to see if he had turned up. luckily, he is micro chipped and all the places scan any critters that come in, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that he turns up. the absolute saddest place we went was the humane society. it made me want to adopt every single animal there. we noticed that no animal is there longer than a month. which means, if they don’t get adopted….sigh. bad news. i also posted an add here. we just hope finn comes home soon. his little christmas stocking is waiting for him and so are all of us.

i’ll post some holiday pics of the house in a bit…stay tuned!


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