okay. i get it. i’m lame. we have a client named montague who needed some assistance and i asked the receptionist if i should send over a capulet, and all i got was silence on the other end of the phone. um. right. romeo and juliet? shakespeare? guess not.

i remember doing something like that once before. i was in the car with a bunch of ladies (i was tagging along with a friend’s mom and her friends to see my friend for a weekend when i was in college) and we were on the montague express way in norther california. i asked outloud if we would be turning onto the capulet express way and the car was suddenly silenced. only one lady, who happened to be the mayor of my college town, understood what i was saying and said she enjoyed my humor.

guess i really am a literary nerd. but dammit. i’m proud of it. it makes me feel smart.

i’m in a bit of a funk today. last night hubby and i went to the dealership in town to testdrive a car ~ the one we have been stalking. we were there for two hours and it was fantastic. i was totally ready to seal the deal, but we were advised to go home and think about it, which in hindsight was a smart thing to do. i’m great at impulse buys, but i did want to think about it.

anyhow, hubby got his panties all twisted in a bundle about the car. we have already figured out our finances and have determined what we can afford for a downpayment as well as for a monthly payment. hubby either doesn’t have faith in himself or me, so he always has to run things by someone else. and while i understand that his friend used to be a car salesman and has good insight, it really annoys me that hubby has to run every friggen detail by him.

so since i knew it would take a while before we actually purchased the car, i went to bed shortly after we got home. he berated me for pouting because ‘i didn’t get my way’. um, no. i was tired. i had a long day. i also had a stomach ache from eating gross fish tacos at work. i told him as much and he still insisted that i was pouting. i hate that. he never has any idea what is going on in my head because he, like many other people in my life, decide they know me better than i know myself. and that somehow they know what is going on in my head.

he then decided to go online and find out all the bad things about this car. fine. it’s good to know all about a car when you are going to make a major purchase. i totally get that. but he decides this car is a total lemon, which it is not, and he has decided that we will not purchas the car. end of story. seriously. i told him to calm down and we would discuss this later. perhaps when i was awake and feeling better.

this morning he was all pissy because he couldn’t sleep as he was worrying about the car that i want. dude. just stop. i’m not going to go out and buy the car without you. yeah, i may buy an expensive pair of designer jeans without you, but i wouldn’t buy a friggen car!

he’s still uptight as i’m getting ready and tells me i can drive his car to work today. really? gee, thanks. i said no. i said i will continue to drive my car as i have been doing every day for 8 years. i was so not pouting, either. he totally thinks that if i drive his car every once in a while that i will suddenly no longer want a new car. um, hello? there is no way he will drive my car for more than a day without getting all irritated that it’s so old . once again, i am in a no win situation with him and it sucks.

(i drive a 2000 saturn with no power anything; steering, doors, windows. it is also stick shift. it has cloth seats. it is very low to the ground. it has very low horsepower. maybe 1 horse. HE drives a 2003 fully loaded chevy trail blazer. power everything, including seat warmers and lots of horsepower. ) so really? he won’t be driving my car. i know him all too well. and the even crappier thing is he ALSO has a 1984 toyota landrcuiser that is his baby. his weekend hunting rig that he adores. so really? it’s time for ME to get a new car. and an upgraded one at that. and hell, we are talking about getting me a USED car. for a great price.



3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sally on November 21, 2007 at 3:08 am

    I completely understand the car frustration! I’m so glad ours is over. B always tells me to “get what I want”, but I’m convinced he says that so when something goes wrong he can say, “well, that’s what you wanted,” and it will all be my fault. At least he likes the Pilot…I got not one complaint out of him on our trip to KC. Woo hoo!

    Hang in there…you guys will figure it out. I can’t wait to see what you end up getting!

  2. Posted by Maggie on November 21, 2007 at 6:02 am

    I know you’re trying to prove a point, but still, I say force him to switch with you until he gives in. You drive around in that lovely Trailblazer, and let him experience the joy that is your Saturn for a good long while. It’ll be, like, three days before he gives in. 😉

  3. Posted by mona on November 21, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    sorry about that, im sure you guys will agree on something soon

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