another ho hum day.

well, today started out better than yesterday, but it seems to have gone right back to how it was. blah. i wore a bright yellow sweater and another pair of new shoes ~ sassy black patent leather mary janes ~ today and that has made me feel better, but these shoes are too high for my job. they have 3 inch heals which i normally walk fine in except the property that i work at is quite hilly and well, these shoes do not work going down the hills. so today i am that lame girl that has to get a ride everywhere. oh well. at least i look cute doing so. people i work with are extra fussy today too, which makes things that much more annoying. really, it only takes one person to be grumpy for everyone else to feel it.

today is definitely a mc donald’s day. i just made a pot of coffee and it’s yucky weak. better than nothing, though. i just made plans with a girlfriend to go shopping this weekend. i don’t need anything so it’ll be just fun to hang out with her.

yesterday hubby and i went to look at houses closer to where we both work. we liked the first house a lot and didn’t like the other house at all. the realtor who showed us the houses is a friend of a friend and he was really great. another gal i know, who is also a realtor, has been showing us houses and she drives me nuts. she is incredably aggressive and doesn’t listen to me when i tell her what our price range is. she constantly sends me info on houses so far out of our range, it’s ridiculous. and when i tell her as much, she totally ignores me. just last weekend i went to look at a few houses with her, without hubby, and when i told her they were houses he wouldn’t like, she later sent me an email asking if he was even interested in buy a house in the first place. it really pissed me off. just because i know what hubby likes (and dosen’t like) , doesn’t mean we don’t want to buy a house. just today she sent me an email with a house that is $300k OVER our budget. seriously. if it were, oh, 50k over, that would be one thing. but $300k? get real, lady. hubby and i decided last night that we’re going to tell her we’re not interested in buying a house anywhere in the near future so hopefully she’ll leave us alone. i guess we naively thought since she was our friend that she wouldn’t give us the hard sale on everything.

it’s supposed to rain this weekend and i’m looking forward to it. we haven’t had a good soaking in a while. i have lot’s of housework to do, too, as i have been slacking off the past few weekends. i would rather stay inside when it’s crummy out than when it’s all nice and sunny. i tend to get way less done when it’s nice out. i seem find a sunny spot and nap the weekend away.


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Valley Girl on November 8, 2007 at 10:15 am

    Did someone say, “patent leather Mary Janes?!!!”

  2. Posted by Anonymous on November 8, 2007 at 10:16 am

    “mary janes…too high…slacking”

    curious. wot??

  3. Posted by Sally on November 8, 2007 at 10:21 am

    You should definitely tell the pushy lady to get lost. What a pain!

    That reminds me of car salesmen I’ve been talking to lately who try to talk me into cars I don’t want by telling me all the features they have. Um…that doesn’t make me want to spend 5 grand more!

    So, are you considering the house you saw last weekend?

  4. Posted by shell on November 8, 2007 at 3:19 pm

    oh, yes, darling valley girl. 3 inch high pointy toe black patent mary janes. i just got them this weekend from nine west. by far the best mary janes ever! i sooo heart mary janes, especially patent leather ones that are THIS sexy!!

    and sally, i totally agree. i ran into her tonight and avoided her like the plague. not exactly the grown up thing to do, but i’m not sure what to say to her just yet. and we really like the house we saw, but it is a little over our budget and the realtor we with said he would do some more checking to see how low of a bid we could actually make and be taken seriously…so we’ll see!

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