i have a cold.

and feel like poo. thanks to hubby. he came down with something nasty this weekend and has so kindly shared it with me. wasn’t that nice of him? saturday he woke up a mess and spent the day on the couch in a ball of snot and blankets. i tried to keep him comfortable while trying to stay out of the way of his germs. obviously that didn’t work so well for me as this afternoon i had a scratchy throat and a stuffy nose. so, waa.

i did have a nice day saturday, though. i slept in and lounged around for a few hours. i got a massage in the afternoon and hung out with a girlfriend in the evening. we were going to go to a comedy show, but due to some unfortunate events, we didn’t make it. but, we did have a great time at dinner. we went to a cool wine bar and had some delicious tapas. my favorite was the fois gras poppers. oh. my. gawd they were good. so good, in fact, that we had two orders of them.

since hubby was sick, he spent the night on the couch. i heard him coughing most of the night. but, finn kept him company, which i know he appreciated. atty slept with me, of course. but, since hubby was sick, he reverted back to a cranky 5 year old. which is always fun. like when i got home at 11 saturday night, he was convinced that i had hidden the cold medicine from him because i wanted him to suffer. um. no. i had just put it away. where it was supposed to go. in the medicine cabinet.

today i bought him a litany of medicine but my best purchase by far was a vicks humidifier. that sucker works great! hubby has been set up. he’s doing better today, though, which is good. but now i’m feeling crummy, which is not good. and because of my wonderful allergy to acetaminophen, which is in practically everything, there is hardly anything i can take. so, right now alka seltzer flu is about it for me. i took some earlier and it helped. hopefully the dose i’m about to take will get me through the night.

i did meet up with another girlfriend this morning for brunch which was sooo good. the eggs benedict were soo tasty. i reorganized my mini closet which really helped. i managed to get rid of a huge bag of clothes which made a huge difference in the room i now have. now if only i could get a handle on my shoes….


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gina on October 2, 2007 at 3:19 am

    Everybody I know is sick. It sucks.

  2. Posted by Terry on October 3, 2007 at 7:20 am

    Don’t you DARE get rid of any shoes!!! Unless you pass them along to me!! 🙂

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