so not only is my computer at work slower than molasses, i can’t download a single thing. i can’t IM anymore ~ which is sad and when i logged on this evening, three of my girlfriends had sent me messages saying how much they missed me. awww! i’m not even able to change my desktop or have the time displayed on the screen. geesh. i guess they really want us to be productive.

but, it makes me miss my mac at home that much more. especially since the pc crashed on me oh, about 4 times today. oh, and i’m also blocked from using the control/alt/delete function. are you kidding me?! oh well. good thing i’ve already made friends with the i-t guy. but, i’ll also be getting a snazzy new blackberry come monday, so maybe i’ll use that more than the actual computer.


i’m am really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. today is the first day i didn’t feel totally exhausted at work. tomorrow i have a massage in the afternoon (a gift from hubby for my birthday) and i’m going to a comedy show with a girlfriend in the evening (her gift to me for my birthday). i think i may have brunch with another girlfriend on sunday, so that will be fun, too.

and of course, i have tons of laundry and regular house cleaning to do. *sigh* BUT i am employed again. and that makes me very happy.


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