thursday thirteen

thirteen things that make me feel confident and empowered *

1. eating alone in a restaurant. the first time i did this i was 19 and working retail. i ate at a coco’s next to the shopping center and felt so good about myself. my coworkers thought i was weird, but i felt strong.

2. taking a road trip by myself. a few months ago i went to the russian river, checked into a victorian b&b surrounded by redwoods. it was so peaceful and amazing.

3. to know that i can make it on my own, without the financial support of anyone else. i am educated and smart. i can hold a job and pay my own way. i can make a good living on my own.

4. i have a solid network of girlfriends. some i’ve known for over 20 years, others are new, but they all are amazing.

5. being sober for almost 2 years (one more month to go!).

6. not loosing who i am in my marriage.

7. going to the movies by myself. the first time i did this i was in college and went to see run, lola, run at the indie movie theater in town.

8. buying my own car without the financial help from anyone else. i bought my car, a 2000 saturn, while i was in college all on my own. it’s paid off now and it feels great that i did it all by myself.

9. buying sex toys, watching porn, reading erotica and not feeling ashamed or dirty.

10. buying jewelery for myself. my first treat to myself was a sterling silver starfish from tiffany’s. someone can always buy something for me, but it feels great to be able to do it for myself with my own money, and paying cash for it, no less.

11. being able to finish a 10k race. i ran my first one earlier this year and have run several since.

12. flying alone. it’s quite freeing to drive to the airport, get on a flight and just go somewhere without anyone else. i’ve flown all over the country that way and i tend to prefer it to traveling with someone.

13. knowing that i don’t need ‘the secret’ to get by in life. i also don’t need oprah. i can figure things out on my own. i am deep, have open eyes to the world and a soul that knows no bounds. i’m a big believer in karma and common sense and that keeps me going.

*thanks to a to the odd for the topic.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Terry on August 31, 2007 at 6:37 am

    Hmmm, I need to take lessons from you….

    But, my job empowers me and also the abiltiy to converse with anyone about anything at a moments notice.. I was very shy as a child! To be this socialable now is an amazing feeling!!

  2. Posted by Gypsy on September 1, 2007 at 12:05 am

    I love doing all of these things, too (except 11 — I am a schlub!). Great TT this week. 🙂

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