hi, my name is princess hardhead.

at least that is what hubby calls me, and let me tell you, today i was in full form. i went to rite aid to print out a bunch of digital photos that one of my friends had burned onto a cd for me (my printer isn’t working so i can’t print them at home). well, since i know everything, i didn’t ask for help when printing the photos on the kodak machine in the store. well, instead of printing out 89 photos (yes, i had a lot) i started printing out…oh…532. wtf!? luckily, the manager caught that, but unlukily for him, he didn’t know who he was dealing with. you see, it wasn’t MY fault that i didn’t know what i was doing. i proceeded to get fussy with him and got all snippy. he got slightly snippy back, but for good reason. i was a total jerk. err…hardhead. as i slowly simmered down, he showed me how to use the machine properly.

side of crow? mmm. tasty.

luckily i had some photos of hubby hunting and the store manager was a hunter, so we had a good conversation and instead of charging me an ungodly price for all the wasted photos i had printed (somehow i managed to print at least 4 copies of each photo) he only charged me $10 for the stack of about 100. thank you, nice manager man! and since he had stopped the printing and showed me the correct way to work things, the rest of my photos only cost $16.

but don’t think the day is over for princess hardhead, yet! oh no, there’s more. as i was cleaning out the litter box (we use a flush friendly kind) i put WAY too much in the toilet. figuring it was fine, i flushed. it didn’t work. it is now several hours later and we are waiting for the plumber to show up. oh yes, i totally and utterly clogged the one and only toilet in the house with cat litter. i tried to unclog it, unscuessfully, for about 20 at which time i called hubby. luckily, it was about time for him to head home for the day. he and i worked on the toilet for the better part of an hour and we finally gave in. he even made up a little song about me being princess hardhead.

yes, princess hardhead is home today. what a fucking idiot!


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Gypsy on August 2, 2007 at 1:29 am

    My Lancelot could be Prince Hardhead. LOL

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