so here it is. the recap. yesterday’s party was a smashing success. well, at least to me, hubby and our guests. his mother, well, i’ll go into that in a bit.

the weather was perfect and the yard looked amazing. i had rented a few tables, chairs and fun ‘ocean blue’ table cloths. i had miss fleurs do the fleurs, which were phenomenal. she did 10 arrangements, all tropical. it was so pretty. each one was a bit different and in a different vase. it was perfect. i set up my ipod by the front gate so the theme song from magnum p.i. could be heard upon guests entering.

it was lovely. we had almost 50 people show up over the course of the afternoon. it was so great to see everyone. it was the first party we had were there were so many kids. kids that were our friend’s, and not our parents friend’s. it was definitely something different for me. and three of my girlfriends who were there were preggers. one of them with her third child and one with her second child.

everyone stayed and ate, drank and had a great time. cake was brought out and was gobbled up quickly. everyone has happy. well, everyone that is, except for my mil. not only has she been freaking out about this party, she was a mess the day of. and by mess, i mean so wound up it was ridiculous. everything was fabulous, but all she could see were the things i had done wrong. luckily, she had the decency not to say anything until people left, but i could still feel it whenever i was near her. she would say through her teeth “when are they all leaving!?” and “isn’t it time for people to go home”. and when i was helping her pass out the cake, she had more slices than i was able to hold, i said, jokingly, “i better get a move on!” she nodded her head and said “yeah, that would be nice if you did something” good god, lady. it was only a few hours! then when people did finally leave (the party started at 2 and the last guest left around 8) she took me aside and read me the riot act saying that i didn’t help out enough. WTF!?

i put the whole fucking party together! i got together the invite list. i made the invitations. i did all the shopping. i put every fucking detail together. oh yeah, and i paid for everything. oh no, wait. i did not pay for the cake. sorry. my mistake. she paid for the cake. but still. i paid upwards of $1,400 for the party. how dare she say i didn’t do anything! then she had the audacity to tell me that we should have talked about food quantities. um are you kidding me? we had enough of everything! is it my fault that some people brought things? NO! and i’m sorry i didn’t buy diet soda. we only had everything else. and i didn’t see anyone dying for a diet soda. i wanted to loose it on her, but i was too tired and i have tact. and valium.

then she went into how she was sick all day and wanted to cancel the party but didn’t. how she had diahriha and threw up all day. um..and somehow that was my fault? no. i don’t think so.

i was so fucking pissed i couldn’t see straight. then, when we were in the kitchen with the rest of the family, she had the audacity to say i had done a good job. um…what? after you berated me for doing a shitty job? i hate two faced people and i will never, ever do another event at her house again.

oh. and the kicker is she had said she would help out with the cost of the party. yeah. um. she offered me a mere $300. i almost crapped myself. this woman has serious money, and for her to only offer me $300 was just as bad as slapping me. then she brought up how she had paid for the cake. riiiiight. because that was expensive. it was like $100. whatever. i’m just done with it.

thankfully, hubby is on my side. he knows how psycho she is and knows that on some sick sad level, she was competing with here friends -who weren’t even there. and the fact that he told me comments she had previously made about my party throwing skills didn’t help one bit either.

and really, talking about me not having kids yet just doesn’t help at all. i know i am almost 32 and i don’t have kids, but good lord lady. grow the fuck up! stop fucking competing with your friends.

but enough of that. i’m still really so angry, but i know i need to let it go. eventually.

so this morning, you would think i could sleep in. but no. some wacky part of me decided it was a good idea to get out and run. so hubby and i got up at the ass crack of dawn to run a race.

hubby ran the half (13.2 miles) and i ran the 10k(6.2 miles). hubby’s dad dropped us off at our respective start lines. it was cool and foggy, which was nice, but the sun came out about the time we started. hubby started before me, at 7:30 since his race was longer and we were running the same course. i started at 8:10 and took an hour and 10 minutes to finish. he caught up with me with 2 miles left to go. he finished before me, though. i did much better than i had expected since i didn’t train to much and i was still beat from the yesterday’s party. but i was so glad i got up and ran. i ran pretty well up to mile 4, then crapped out and walked most of the final 2 miles. but i was totally fine with that. i was just proud of myself for finishing the race in at all.

we got home around 10:30, where i took a quick shower and promptly fell back into bed. i took a delicious 4 hour nap and am now hanging out on the couch with atticus. hubby is in clean the house mode, which i am not taking part of no matter how much he pesters me. i may do the dishes, but that’s it. he has offered to take me to dinner tonight, but we’ll see if that actually happens.

* so mil just called. drunk. i had left a message for hubby’s dad and she called back instead. well, actually, she called his cell phone. anyhow, she called to apologize for ‘acting like a witch’ yesterday. she must have said it about 12 times. i do feel better, as she made me really, really mad. and she said she was going to give me double what she said she was, so that makes me feel better, too. i guess sometimes things do work out better when she is drunk….she is forgiven, but this will not be forgotten. i have a mind like a steel trap. heh.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sally on July 16, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    I’m glad the party was successful…even though MIL acted like she did. That just goes to show what a GREAT party planner you are, because everyone had so much fun despite your mil.

    Did you take pictures??

  2. Posted by kate on July 17, 2007 at 9:59 am

    alls well that ends well! It sounds like a great party. I say you tell her that you are holding up on having kids until you can ‘afford’ them and need to have 15k put aside first… if she would like to fund that then you will give it a go and try (she isnt in your bedroom so she will never know if you are or arent really trying… it took me 5 years to get pregnant! lol)

    Actually it sounds like you handle her very well!! Good for you for keepign your cool!

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