another saturday nite at home


the preceding was typed atticus, the big lover of the night. he is laying in between my arms and loves to cuddle with me and the laptop. finn has calmed down a bit from being the destructo kitty the past few days.

finn’s new nickname is hacksaw because he has destroyed so much lately. he knocked down our one and only full length mirror in the middle of the night on thursday, leaving shards of glass strewn all over the office floor. once that was all cleaned up, he decided to knock everything off of tall cabinet in the mudroom onto the floor. the has also chewed up a bunch of flowers. oh! and he left little diarrhea squirts all over the house too. all of this was in one night.

he has been working a fierce pr campaign to gain our love back. so we caved, of course, and have made up and are friends again.

work has been crazy busy. i worked for a few hours today and will go in on monday as well. we have our large event on friday, so i am waiting for this all to be over. there is just so much craziness surrounding this event. so far close to 600 people have rsvp’d. i just found out that i have to wear a ‘uniform’ for the night. but, at least my ‘uniform’ will be black pants and a black shirt, both of my choosing. some other folks will have to wear actual uniforms, which i am so glad i do not have to to. one of the perks that comes with working for the owners, i guess.

my folks have decided to come up for the event as well, so that will be interesting. i have booked them a hotel so at least they will not be staying with us. i don’t really know how i feel about their visit, but am really glad they are not staying with us. did i already mention that?

hubby has said that i have been combative this week. i don’t know, maybe i have been. i’m just tired of him being so negative to me all the time. i know he’s stressed by work, but so am i. maybe we’re both to blame. i just hate how he’s such a grump so much. like today. i was working and he asked if he could come print something out, so i said sure. a few of my colleagues were also in and hubby was such a standoffish punk. he got all fussy with me because what he was printing was highly confidential and i didn’t get it off the printer fast enough. good lord. no one was even paying attention to what he was printing. i understand what he was doing was important, but really? no one cares. whatever. he left shortly thereafter and i stayed a while longer.

later when i got home, we headed to his granny’s house to sit by the pool and read. it was nice to sit and relax. when we got home, i took a delicious hour and a half nap with the kitties. hubby woke me up so we could get a pedi at the ‘you pick color’ shop. that place is the best. i got a french pedi and hubby just got his feet pampered and buffed.

we have been keeping out of each other’s way tonight. i’m glad. i just need to be alone and quiet for a while. i’ve been chatting with a my girlfriend online and just hanging out, watching bad tv. i need to send something to another girlfriend who just graduated with a second masters degree (yay jackarandabush!!!!). and i have to clean the litter box, ’cause it’s stanky.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Sally on May 27, 2007 at 11:14 pm

    Aren’t animals fun? Lucy always try to get on top of me when I have the laptop out. And we came home from work the other day to find that someone (we think Lucy) had puked grass all over the family room floor — that nasty green stuff does not clean up well! Oh well, we still love them, huh?

    I’m glad your event is almost here. Stinks that you have to work on the holiday though. I hope the visit w/ your parents goes well…have you talked to your mom since you sent her the necklace?

  2. Posted by Terry on May 29, 2007 at 12:53 am

    I was wondering about the reactions to the necklace as well..

    Sometimes we take for granted, those who are around us, so hopefully the stress will die down and you and hubby will can get back to happier times!

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