my eyes are burning!

so i fell asleep on the couch last night. until hubby woke me up at 2 am when he woke up — on the couch as well. i had fallen asleep with my contacts in and my eyes were burning. they still are burning. i’m wearing my glasses right now and it i close my eyes, ooooh! it stings.

but i did have a cozy night of sleep. i don’t even remember hubby leaving the house this morning, but thankfully, i had wits about me to turn my alarm clock on so i didn’t over sleep for work. i rolled out of bed, literally, and stumbled around a few minutes and left the house in search of some strong coffee. i’m still sipping my venti starbucks. it’s tepid right now, but still nice and tasty. i have not yet fully woken up, but am in a happy state of delirium as tomorrow is the weekend and i have not a thing planned. hubby will be out hunting, so i will get some much needed sleep-in time and rest.

i placed a big order on amazon last night so hopefully my goodies will come soon as i’m in much need of some good reading. i was feeling a bit generous, so i indulged hubby in a few books as well.

tomorrow is a girlfriend’s birthday and like the tard that i am, i have not sent her package out to her yet. i have all the parts, but have not assembled it all. maybe i can fedex it to her this afternoon as she lives across the country…..


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  1. Posted by Terry on May 19, 2007 at 2:52 am

    I did not get up until 10AM this morning.. So unlike me, so I guess I needed it!!

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