back off you stupid kraut!!

i have finally gotten to the point in my life where i am able to stand up for myself. to the person that is insulting me. without sounding like a child. this man that i work with has been tormenting me since he started, about a week after me. he is condescending, rude and disrespectful. he raises his voice and yells. he doesn’t listen to what others say, he ignores them or interrupts them. mostly he does this to me, i believe, because i am a woman. he is only a contractor for our firm, which makes this even worse. and he also acts this way so conveniently when my bosses are out of town.

i have tried so hard to not let him bother me, to be bigger than him. but today was the last straw.

when i got to work on friday, he had left something on my desk for me to do. first, let me say, i do not report to this man, nor is he someone i work for. we are simply colleagues and frankly, nothing more than that. he, however, does not see it that way. i did not do his project on friday as i had my own work to do. at the end of the day i sent him an email, kindly saying i couldn’t get to his project but i believed someone had already sent him the information he had been looking for. he never responded, so i thought things were fine.

now today, i barely got into the door before he was up in my face. he was PISSED that i hadn’t taken care of his project. i explained i couldn’t get to it right away, but perhaps i could do it later. then he yelled at me for suggesting someone had sent him the information. i was so shocked, my eyes started to well. now let me just say, i am SO not the crier. it honestly takes me A LOT to cry.

i contacted the person who had sent the requested information, which was exactly what he was looking for. i sent it to him and cc’d my boss as well. i then asked the man what he needed this particular information for, as my boss wanted to know why i was working on something for him. he got snippy with me once again and told me to forget about it and he would do it. i responded to my boss kindly telling him i had no idea why the man wanted the information.

then i went into a 2 hour meeting where i had to take minutes. i then went to lunch. when i returned the man stormed up to my desk got loud and pointed his finger in my face saying that i’m very creative. i looked at him in utter confusion and asked him what he meant. he said i was creative because i had cc’d my boss on our email conversation earlier in the day. he then said i do as little work as possible each day. oh no. he didn’t just say that. as i tried to respond, he said to me i could make an appointment with him if i wanted to talk about this. wtf?!

i had to stew a while. in fact, i actually broke down and cried. at my desk. tears streamed down my face. i could not believe what happened. i was absolutely humiliated.

i regained my composure and responded to an email from him and told him i did not appreciate the way he spoke to me and how he had put words in my mouth. i made sure our boss was cc’d again on this. he responded in a fit of fury saying i spend more time getting other people to do my work for me so that i don’t have to do it and i get way more people involved than necessary. wtf?! no one does my work, ever. i said just about as much and asked him not to ever speak to me like that again.

i was done with him. or so i thought.

he then yelled at me across the office that i need to stop playing games, stop including our boss and so on. he said again, if i wanted to talk to him, i could schedule time. every time i tried to open my mouth, he interrupted me and would not listen to a word i said.

i am so over this guy. but, i also cannot work in this environment much longer. someone in the firm that i talked to about this said he is harassing me and has created a hostile work environment. i firmly agree. i just don’t know where to go from here. luckily, i have documented everything he has said to me since he started.

i had to take an ativan in the middle of the afternoon, i was shaking so bad. i have

i took a bubble bath when i got home, just had a bowl of cereal and have taken a few more ativan and am heading off to bed. tomorrow i get to drive a formula 1 race car. so watch out sucker. oh, buy the way, jackass, i set up tomorrow so you could go along, too. are you going to tell me i don’t do any work or that somehow i had gotten someone else to do it for me?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Terry on April 25, 2007 at 12:03 pm

    WOW, I am sorry he made you feel this way, and you love your job so much….:( I hope things get smoothed out !!

    Have fun mashing that gas pedal!!!!!

  2. Posted by Gypsy on April 26, 2007 at 1:59 am

    What an ass! I think it’s time to sit down with your boss and let him know what’s going on. There’s no reason for you to accept this kind of treatment.

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