it’s the weekend! yay! it’s been such a slow week for me. a lot has happened, but it all has gone by so slowly. i’m so glad it’s finally over, though.

hubby and i have a wedding to go to in town tomorrow evening, but that’s all we have planned. he’s going turkey hunting in the morning and i think i’ll go get a mani, but that’s about it, and boy and i glad. i have a bunch of house stuff to do and i just got some great books i ordered off amazon that i’m looking forward to starting. i heard about this one from gypsy, this one i picked because i love, love, love the author, and finally this one because i stumbled across the author’s blog and i used to work with her when i was in the political world.

i haven’t had a good afternoon of reading in a while, so hopefully i’ll get some good time in this weekend. and a good nap. and a good cup of coffee. is that asking too much?

it rained most of yesterday and last night but was pretty out today. it’s supposed to rain more this weekend, which is good because we need it. next week it’s supposed to be nice and sunny. tuesday it’s supposed to get up to about 80, which i am really looking forward to. tuesday we get to drive race cars and i’m super excited about that. we’re going to be driving formula 1 cars at the track and i’m stoked. we were going to do that a few weeks ago, but it was a miserable rainy day so we had to reschedule.

today i did a lot of running around. a minor crisis started my day but was quickly resolved. i had to take my boss to pick up his car from getting it detailed and we went to mcdonald’s for a snack. he’s so funny…it’s totally our little secret that we go there. and he had a strawberry milkshake because i did. that makes 5 for me this week, by the way. should i see help for that? is there a 12-step program for strawberry milkshake addicts?

one of my favorite friends was online this afternoon so we had our usual friday afternoon banter. she totally rocks and has friday’s off so we usually get to chat for a bit. it’s fun to know she’ll be online and i have something to look forward to. and since we live across the country from each other, it’s really nice we have a time to chat and catch up. now if only i could share some of my shoes with her… 🙂


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  1. Posted by Terry on April 21, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Good reading and a good cup o joe, sign me up!!
    I dont think I would be able to read the Jodi Picoult book, right now. I am too overly emotional on the topic!!

    And 5 milkshakes??? I would kill to have your metabolism!!

    BTW.. You Rock. too Dahlin’

  2. Posted by shell on April 21, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    i totally agree with you on the Jodi Picoult book. i ordered it before everything that has currently gone on. she just writes such great books. luckily i have a few others to hold me off for a while.

    and i think my metabolism is slowing down again…my jeans aren’t fitting so well anymore. 🙂

  3. Posted by Terry on April 21, 2007 at 2:44 pm

    I think it is just 5 milkshakes in one week!!

  4. Posted by Sally on April 22, 2007 at 12:24 am

    I haven’t read Jodi Picoult yet, but I’ve heard a lot about her lately…I’ll have to add her to my list.

    My friend Natty just sent me a big box of books…I’m so excited…I should have plenty to get me through the summer with the stack I already had plus what she sent.

  5. Posted by Gypsy on April 24, 2007 at 3:23 am

    I hope your weekend was wonderful!

    Let me know what you think of that book. I think I’m an Aphrodite woman, mostly.

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