wife season is coming to an end

so tomorrow is the closing of wife season. what, you may be asking yourself, is wife season? well, it’s the season that i have, as a wife, that is in between the regular hunting season. yes, hubby is a hunter. saying he loves to hunt is an understatement. saturday is the opening of turkey season, thus the closing of wife season the day before. now, most people who meet hubby can’t believe he’s a hunter because he looks so GQ most of the time. he’s really well put together, usually much better than me, but the boy sure does love to hunt. and believe me, he gets all geared up for it, too.

in fact, at our wedding, normal couples name their tables after honeymoon destinations or places that were special to them during their courtship, but not us. each of our tables were named after a different species of duck. the table we sat at was named sneaky leaf, after a product he uses for turkey hunting. my girlfriend, jacaradnabush, has taken to calling him sneaky leaf, which i find pretty funny.

sneaky leaf, for those of you not in the know, is a bunch of fake cloth leaves that one safety pins so ones camouflage outfit so that the turkey cannot see you when you are in the brush.

well, this whole week we’ve been watching turkey hunting dvds and hubby has been practicing his turkey calls. he’s got his gear together i don’t know how many times. i think it’s cute. he’s so friggen excited. last weekend he went hunting for wild boar and came home with 2 huge hogs. he and his buddy both got one. the large hog was 160 lbs and the smaller one was 110 lbs. it was crazy. we had spicy sausage for dinner tonight and it was awesome. it was by far my favorite game that i’ve had. i like pheasant a lot, but this beat that. so after tomorrow, i will be once again, a hunting widow. well, for a few weeks at least, until wife season begins again.

ah…and there goes another dvd in the player…..hot damn!!


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  1. Posted by Sally on March 31, 2007 at 5:36 am

    Hmm…since wife season is over (I love that term, by the way), maybe it’s time for a trip for the wife to Kansas…hmm…

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