ho hum

so the bosses are out of town for the next week and a half. but i have a lot to do here so it’s not like i’ll have that much free time.

i had to take atty to the vet this morning. seems he and finn were playing and finn scratched atty’s eye. i’m so sad. his poor little left eye has a gnarly scratch and he’s all teary from that eye. he’s such a little trooper, though, and has been the biggest cuddle bug. but i need to get him in today so that he gets all better. i’ve been giving him extra love and giving finn the evil eye for hurting him. i know it was an accident, but still. the little bugger put up quite the fight getting into the cat box, so i ended up just grabbing him and putting him in my car. he did quite well at the vet’s office, considering he got drops in his eye and was surrounded by strange people. i’ll have to give him drops now 3 times a day until monday. when i got him home, he scurried straight away under the bed. poor little fellow.

anywho…last night went well. it was my second time speaking at a meeting and this meeting was tiny compared to my first go at it when i was just over a year sober. the first meeting had about 100 people and last night only had 12. it was still a bit nerve racking. but i managed to get through it. hubby decided he had to go hunting instead of being there. nice, huh!

but, i did get the nicest message from terry. it was such a wonderfully nice surprise. it almost made me tear up. thank you thank you thank you terry.

speaking of surprises, my folks called me last night. i decided to take their call and it was the same old stuff and i figured it would be. my mother berated me for disrespecting her by calling her a bitter old woman several times when i was home last. she demanded i apologize and i did, but didn’t mean it. if that’s what she wants to hear, then fine. but i’m not sorry i called her that. it’s exactly how i feel. but whatever. things will never change with them and i have accepted that. when i told them yesterday was my 18 month sobriety date, they didn’t really have a response. they said ‘that’s nice’. they have no concept of anything, but again, i have accepted that.

i’m drained from my vet visit and that i didn’t take my heart medicine this morning because i didn’t go to the pharmacy to pick it up. i’ll go at lunchtime and take care of that, lest my heart keeps beating like i’ve run a marathon!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Terry on March 23, 2007 at 3:55 am

    Way to go, HUBS!! (sticking out tongue)..Hmmmm

    WOW, I have Mother issues as well and have been tempted on several occasions to speak my mind, but for now it seems to be best to just hold my tongue.. She is my main source of stress… I have been tempted to do a post on her, but she would be devastated if she ever read it.. She does not know about blogs!!

    Heart Meds?? Minor problem I hope!!

  2. Posted by Sally on March 23, 2007 at 4:24 am

    Hey girl…glad it went well last night, even though C was absent. And your mom and dad must be clueless about what a big milestone this is for you. I think they love you very much deep down…but their heads must be in their arses right now. Tell you mom I’m going to start claiming the toffee recipe as my own if she doesn’t shape up!

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