thursday thirteen # 5

thirteen things that happened to me/that i did today:

1. i got paid the biggest paycheck every! okay, it was my biggest paycheck…hubby’s checks are still larger, which i have absolutely no problem with.

2. i used my new sugar scrub in the shower this morning and evidently i used too much or didn’t rinse my hair well enough because by mid day, my hair was a gooey, oily mess. (no, i didn’t put the scrub on my hair, it’s just that my hair is pretty long so when it hung down my back, it also hung in the scrub).

3. i went home at lunch time and totally fell asleep on the floor with the cats! i was gone from the office for an hour and a half!

4. i had to meet my 2 bosses at their lunch to pick up their house keys so i could go to their house and leave a note on their door for the cable guy.

5. i dropped the ball on buying a washer and dryer for the bosses so one of them ended up doing it was i was napping with the cats.

6. i attempted to translate a contract in german, but ended up giving up since there were too many industry words that i didn’t know, but that was okay because someone in our london office was able to do the translation.

7. i got my make up order from sephora.

8. i got business cards and letterhead from a side business that i have.

9. i planned a trip to take hubby to the giants spring training in scottsdale, arizona for a weekend in 3 weeks.

10. i took another shower to de-goo myself ~ no scrub this time!

11. i got off work after i dropped a ups off at the drop-off center at 3:40 pm ~ normally i’m off at 5:30.

12. i went to payless and bought 4 pairs of awesome shoes for under $50!

13. i took out the trash because tomorrow is trash day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Gypsy on February 17, 2007 at 12:57 am

    I could use a nap with kitties right now.

  2. Anyone who falls asleep on the floor with the cats is cool with me. Especially since it forced the boss to buy his own damn washer and dryer.

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