oh, my…

so tomorrow will be the end of my second week at the new job. holy coly! aside from today and my retardedness (see my previous post), everything has been great. i am so happy with this job. i’m thinking it’s karma that has come around for me putting up with the crap in my past few jobs.

and, i actually get the 3 day weekend this weekend. woo hoo! i don’t know the last time i actually got to take a holiday and get paid for it. ah. so good.

this weekend we’re going to a birthday party on saturday night then i’m hanging out with two different girlfriends on sunday. one girlfriend i’m seeing in the afternoon and the other i’m going to dinner with. then on monday i’m meeting my sponsor for coffee in the morning. so even though i have some stuff planned, it should still be nice and relaxing. and, the weather is supposed to be in the low 70’s over the weekend, so i’m really looking forward to that.

i was over and my mother-in-law’s for a bit tonight for part of my side business. it went well and i actually made some mula, which is good. i won’t see the mula for about a week or so, but that’s just fine by me. i’m just so glad to be making money again.

i got another email from my dad this week asking me to call them. i never responded, nor did i call. if they want to talk to me so bad, they can call me. i’m not playing their stupid games anymore and will not let their guilt into my world.

i’ve had such a block in writing this week ~ normally i can find things to post about but i’ve just felt so dull lately. i hope i snap out of it soon.


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