it started out so good today…

so today was the first day of my new job….and it went great! i think i have finally found my dream job ~ or at least something darn near close to it! when i woke up at 7 am, i realized i had a whole hour and a half before i had to be at work. for the past two years, i had to be at work at the ungodly hour of 6 am so today was fantastic. i got up, took a long shower, watched the news, had coffee and didn’t even have to rush at all!

i knew the attire was casual, but i still wore slacks, heals a button up shirt and a sweater. tomorrow, i’m wearing jeans, as everyone else had them on today. while i didn’t feel over dressed, i totally want to wear jeans. i have never been able to wear jeans to work! not even on a casual friday! i always had to wear khakis….

everyone was really kind and friendly. and they treated me like i was such a smart girl! it was great. when i walked in, a was handed a new cell phone ~ a thin black moto ~ and business cards! talk about service! things just continued to go well from there. the environment is relaxed and casual. things will get hectic from time to time, but nothing deranged. the guys i work for are great. it’s so nice to be around people who aren’t catty and obnoxious. they took me to lunch at a fun place in town and showed me the fly house they’re renting until their wives move out this summer some time.

everyone has these great new macs to work on and everyone takes turn playing dj for the office. right now we’re in an old victorian building that’s like a large loft. everything is open and decorated with a very cool feel. it reminds me a lot of an adverstising agency hubby worked at a while back.

all in all, it was a really good day. later, when i checked my blog, i found that one of my favorite bloggers, october, has returned. i’m so glad! i missed her.

oh, and so i haven’t spoken to my parents since i left their house on wednesday. sure, i left a message to let them know i got home all right and i called once over the weekend for something else, but i haven’t actually spoken to them. my dad sent me an email over the weekend saying that i needed to call my mother because she thinks i’m mad at her. um…is there a problem with her hand picking up the phone? yeah, it’s called passive aggressive behavior. i love it when she pulls that shit. or not. anyhow, i called tonight because i wanted to share my good day with them. bad thinking. dad said i woke him up from a nap and asked if i was calling again to ask for money. i told him that i got paid in 2 weeks, thinking he would say something nice about me starting a job, but no. he didn’t. he told me to call back in an hour.

i just called. i cannot belive this. my mother is so angry with me she won’t even talk to me. I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID. he said i made her walk home from the grocery store. that is such bullshit. i drove her to the store, waited while she shopped and drove her home. i am so upset right now i have tears streaming down my cheeks. now she’s lying to him! she said i didn’t help her at all last weekend and that is SO WRONG. i did so much work. i can’t even speak right now. i totally lost it with my dad. i broke down crying and and told him i couldn’t take it anymore. he told me to stop yelling. i wasn’t yelling. i was crying. god damn them.

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  1. Posted by Gypsy on February 7, 2007 at 12:00 am

    That’s wonderful about your job! It sounds fantastic. 🙂 I hope it helps brighten your world.

    Your parents sound like a piece of work. I’m sorry you’re having to deal with that BS.

  2. Posted by Anonymous on February 7, 2007 at 8:12 am

    Oh, where to begin??

    First, why do YOU need to call Mom, because Dad thinks Mom is pissed at YOU? If Mom has a problem, it is for HER to reach out and fix it. By calling them, you played right into their obviously disturbed and manipulative hands.

    And why the email from Dad? he cant call you personally on a matter of such importance?? Wtf, over? this is childish and borderline abusive behavior. but you take it for some reason and then you end up in a place such as you are now.

    Grrrr.(hugs) Grrrr.(hugs) Grrrrr!

    You need to shut them out completely for an extended period of time. If they call you you need to be brave and say “folks, something is rotten down Glendale way, and I am not talking to you until and unless you treat me like a human being, not an emotional pack mule.” (sound of phone going dead…click)

    also, where is your significant other in all this? why isnt he in LA stomping your parents guts out and sticking up for you?

    its obvious you have difficulty calling your folks on their constant BS. so, who is next in line to do that on your behalf?? Hmmm, i wonder who that might be?
    Atticus? No. the other cat…what’s his Nuts? No. thats not it either.

    bottom line my friend is that this behavior on the part of your parents continues because you…the L. Family…ALLOW it to continue.

    stand up for yourself! you are so close to being a major star you dont even realize it. but all that is in jeopardy unless you get your hands around this emotionally abusive parent thing.

    here endeth the lesson. take care and be GOOD!

  3. Posted by kate on February 7, 2007 at 12:18 pm

    keep focusing on the positive! You are clearly doing something right there!!! As for your parents, my thought is that you need to give it time and distance. It is so raw that anytime the conversation between you guys gets spicy, it burns. idk if thats doable or not but that is what seems prudent from where I sit. I in no way am trying to say I understand… just hate to see you hurting!

    love that puppy!

  4. Posted by Virginia Belle on February 8, 2007 at 3:21 am

    sorry to hear about parent probs. i know few things stress me out more than that!

    it’s always a rough reminder that your parents are human and make mistakes. we tend to think of them as these all-powerful and perfect beings.

    maybe that’s just me.

    glad to hear your job is super!!! it sounds fantastic!! i am definitely envious of the phone/DJ part. lucky you!

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