tuesday typing

it is soo freaking cold outside right now. at 9 am, it is only 26 degrees!! everything is covered in ice and frost. i have the heater on full blast and the mini house is only 66 degrees. brrr. thank god i have mini kitties to keep me warm!

speaking of mini kitties….fin was on fire last night. he got into everything! at one point, in the middle of the night, he was attacking hot dog buns in the mudroom. later, we found him chilling in the dishrack on the kitchen counter. then he was playing with the bathroom faucet. oh, and then he decided to tip over his food bowl and play hockey with his food. all in the middle of the night, of course. it may have been the worst night of sleep we’ve had in a long time. thankfully atty was nice and comfy on the bed with us and didn’t partake in fin’s shennanegans.

yesterday i took a day trip and visited some friends i hadn’t seen in a while. my girlfriend rides horses, so i met her at the ranch where she rides. it was so great! i met her horse, a handsome black and white horse named ford. i watched her ride for a while then we fed ford some carrots and an apple and set him out to pasture. then my friend and i went into town and went to lunch and wandered around a bit. it was great to get out of my sleepy little town! we went to border’s and i was in heaven. the bookstores in my little town are pretty sad ~ they’re really small and have a very limited selection. i bought 3 books and could have stayed there for hours.

i then met another friend for coffee and we sat and chatted for a few hours. he had just bought a new house so i went over and checked it out. he’s neighborhood is so newly developed that it’s not even on a map yet. my girlfriend’s house was only a few blocks away, so after i check out his house, i went over to my girlfriend’s house. we had tea and chatted for a while more then i finally hit the road at about 7 pm. it was a great day.

i was pretty beat by the time i got home and was in bed reading by 9 pm. hubby came with me, which was a nice change as he usually falls asleep on the couch watching tv. i got up early this morning and now don’t know what to do with myself. i am finally feeling better after my nasty cold and only have a little bit of a cough left.

i’ll apply to a few more jobs today and check in on those i’ve already sent my resume off to. i’m really getting silly at home, though. i don’t want to go out because it’s soo cold out and i don’t want to be tempted to spend any money since i’m not bringing any in. maybe i’ll see miss fleurs today…

~ i will now be calling ‘c’ hubby and ‘flowergirl’ miss fleurs~ just in case you’re wondering 😉


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by LADY LUXIE on January 18, 2007 at 10:05 am

    hee!hee!..I was wondering what you’d be doing…then I read your lil’ ps down there…

    like you I’m home right now…

    I enjoyed reading this…can almost feel the cold..brrrr…

    take care!

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