i woke up feeling like a train hit me this morning. okay, not quite, but it was pretty bad. my cold had come back with a vengance. i lost my voice and was coughing up yuckie stuff. i went to the store and bought some children’s cold medicine ~ both daytime and nighttime stuff. i am alergic to acetominaphin ~ aspirin ~ so i have to find things that don’t contain it and that tends to be difficult. but, i like the kid’s stuff since it’s in liquid form and coats my throat. anywho, i spent most of the day trying to rest.

fleurgirl came over in the afternoon for coffee and cookies. it was so great to see her. she brought me some tulips, which are my favorite. as soon as she left, i took a HUGE nap and woke after it had gotten dark out. my voice has come back a bit and i’m feeling a little better, but am going to head to bed soon to hopefully get a good nights rest.

but before i go, i have some things that have been weighing on my mind. i don’t know why this bothers me so much, but uneducated people DRIVE ME NUTS. totally and utterly nuts. now, i understand there is a huge difference between life smarts and book smarts. i have a good share of life smarts, but also a bit of book smarts because I WENT TO COLLEGE. yes, college.

and by college, i mean from a real, accretaded (yes, i know i can’t spell) 4 year university. not some piddly ass devry institute or wyotech or bryman. yes, i know these are programs that help people get places in life. i understand that. all i’m saying is that they’re not real colleges. they are trade schools. to learn trades. they are not recognized by people as universities. you simply cannot compare stanford or cal or yale with devry. not in a million years. now, i’m not saying you have to go to a university to be successful. i’m just saying that you have a totally different life skill set without going. i have several friends who have gone to ‘liberal private’ colleges and claim they have a bachelor’s degree, but it’s totally different. stanford is a private school and is sooo different than other ‘liberal private’ schools. when i asked one friend what classes she was taking, she told me her math class was some touchy feel kind of math. wtf? it’s call statistics. calculus. algebra, for god’s sake. there’s no touchy feel math in the real world!

university prepares you for the real world. it teaches you to be accountable for yourself more so than anything else. it teaches you how to deal with others on so many levels. the knowledge you learn is insurmountable. there is just such an obvious difference to me in people who have gone to college and those who have not. those who have gone, get it. those who don’t, don’t. yes, that is a huge blanket statement, but in my world, that is how i see this. you need to know basic things to get thru life and college is the place to learn them. dealing with your peers is huge. as is dealing with authority. now, i’m not saying that you have to let those in power push you around. on the contrary. you just need to know how to respect someone and what comes with that respect. these are things you learn in college. especially when you grew up in a bit of a disfunctional family, as so many people do. hell, i think we all have a bit of disfuntion.

since moving here, i have encountered so many people who are uneducated that it is starting to wear on me. college also helps you learn common sense. and little things like what you should and should not say to whom and when. most importantly, college teaches you how to deal with people. especially people who are different than you.

guess i went on a bit of a tirade there. i think the fact that this is such a small town and most of the people who i used to work with don’t have anything more than a high school diploma is really wearing on me. several of the people i worked with were homeschooled, and well, that’s just a whole other ball of wax that i will get into another time. but interestingly enough, the few girls that i know who were homeschooled, are also deeply religious. okay, okay. i have to stop now or i never will. some issues just get me so rilled up!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by kate on January 11, 2007 at 10:47 am

    ummm just where IS the valley of the moon!?!?!?! lol

    Hope you feel better soon! Lots of fluids and rest!


  2. Posted by shell on January 11, 2007 at 10:56 am

    in the luscious wine country of ca. 😉

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