oh where, oh where, has my little voice gone?

well, today is day 7 of my cold. i’m at about 85% now, almost there, but not quite. yesterday, much to c’s delight, i didn’t have a voice. i had several coughing fits today, and my throat is still a bit raw, but i’m doing A LOT better than earlier this week.

i’ve over done it with tv watching and reading, so my mind is a bit numb right now ~ i read several books this week and watched a nonstop marathon of america’s next top model on vh1.

i even cleaned the house a bit today and did a lot of laundry, so that felt good. the weather has been nice and sunny this week, which has been nice. we tend to get a lot of dreary weather in the winter, which i’m not really looking forward to.

i also heard back from one of the places i interviewed at in early december. they are still interested in me and have a few things to work out and will get back to me in a week or so. while i am very happy to hear from them, i will still be getting back on my job search on monday as i can’t just hope for that job to come thru.

after reading kate and sally’s sites, i realize it has been a long time since i have gone to the coast ~okay, i’ve been to bodega bay recently, but that doesn’t really count much in my book. i grew up going to the beach all the time. i spent whole summers at the beach. heck, i spent as much time as i could at the beach. i would go rollerblading on the bike path that streched for miles with jacaradabush and watch people for hours at muscle beach. oh and the volleyball tournaments in hermosa beach! yum! those boys are hott! and the all the surfer boys. i love them. oh, to be back in the salty air goodness….

santa monica

venice beach

hermosa beach


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