christmas recap

it’s the day after christmas and everything is a blur from the past few days. christmas eve we went over to the in-laws. dinner was um…not so good. we had roast beef, which i was excited about, but it was soooo rare it was practically still alive. and there were potatoes au gratin that were so well done that parts of them were crunchy…and a strange salad with mandarine oranges ~ which i normally love ~ with onion that just killed the taste. then there was store bought apple and pumkin pies. it just wasn’t that good at all.

meanwhile, my parents were having beef roladen, spatzle, home made rolls, red cabbage and celery root salad. my mouth is watering just thinking of that…

we stayed for a few hours then went back to our mini house were we exchanged gifts. that part was fun. atticus made out like a little bandit, getting all kind of kitty toys. chris liked all his clothes, his weather clock and various other things. he got me some fun little things, like socks and tank tops from banana and a french press from starbucks. oh and a beautiful ring. it’s so simple and elegant. the ring itself is 14k white gold and has a strip of 10 little diamonds around the middle. i love it. it fits perfectly on my right hand ring finger ~ he even had it sized appropriately. i had no idea! and he bought it over a month and a half ago. points for him, especially since it wasn’t something i had pointed out or asked for. very well done, indeed.

i got a very cool digital photo frame delio from one of my favorite girlfriends that i’m very much looking forward to setting it up. another favorite girlfriend sent me some cool scrapbook stuff and a gret book about girlie friendship. flowergirl and i also exchanged gifts the other day and that was great fun as well. she gave me some fresh baked pastry and peets holiday coffee, all of which is gone into my tummy. mmmmm.

later we went to midnight mass, which as nice. we sat with c’s folks and one of our friends. the service was nice and didn’t go as slowly as i thought it would. i got into bed around 2:30 am but of course, couldn’t fall asleep right away.

christmas day we slept in until 10 am, which felt great. we were due back at the in-law’s at 11 am so we had to get moving. brunch was set out in the kitchen, which was a lot better than the dinner offerings the night before. the best gift we got was a cuisinart popcorn maker from granny. she also gave me a pretty pearl necklace and a little spending money. c and his brother got hooked up as usual, but i felt a bit slighted. i know i know ~ i have complained about his mom overdoing things, but it was apparent to me that she was no longer interested in spending money on me. the only gifts i really got from his folks were joint gifts, like a chair massager and blanket. there were random things for me in my stocking, like more socks and a bird clock, but nothing like the past few years. i think she’s more interested in c’s brother’s girlfriend, but that’s fine.

she gave us all breast cancer stamps again this year. this annoys the hell out of me. she had a ‘scare’ with breast cancer several years ago ~ when i first started dating c ~ and she acts like she had full blown cancer. i know cancer is very serious, don’t get me wrong. but good lord. she acts like such a fucking victim over it! she had a tiny non cancerous spot removed from her breast and she won’t let it go that she had cancer! granny had cancer and you never, ever hear a peep from her. hell, most of the women i know that have had cancer don’t say anything. they don’t feel sorry for themselves, they don’t act like victims, they just keep living their lives. it just angers me so much that she acts like that. she didn’t fucking have breast cancer!

we left a little after 2, and none to early for me. aside from not really wanting to hang out with c’s family any longer, i was dying from the crimson wave. it was the worst i have ever felt. in fact, i was in dire need of changing um…something that had only been in for 3 hours. that’s all i’ll say about that. i was in a lot of pain ~ pain that i had never really experienced before. i’ve had friends that have had miserable cramps, but i never had them that bad. until yesterday. i went to lie down as soon as we got home and stayed in bed until 9:30 am this morning. i even missed c’s brother and girlfriend coming over to watch a new dvd. thankfully, i’m much better today.

i had been off the pill for a few months and after a long discussion with myself, have decided to go back on it. that will help the crimson wave a lot as well as my mental well being. for some reason, i thought i should let fate decide if it was time for an addition to my life. after 4 months of tempting fate, i have decided to step in and take control. i am in no means ready for any change of that sort and am doing just fine with my crazy cat and with c ~ especially since the cat still sporatically craps on the floor and c is still sporatically a jerk.

it’s storming out and is very fitting to my mood right now. i’m in a very meloncholy mood today and am not sure why. i would love to hang out with a girlfriend, but i really don’t want to leave the house in this weather. maybe i’ll just curl up with the cat and watch one of our many new dvds.

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