mini house decorations

since christmas is upon us, i have finally posted some photos of the mini decorations around the house. the photo doesn’t really do the garland justice, but i made it all myself and i think it came out pretty well ~ thanks to flowergirl for showing me the way of festive decorating! and surprisingly, atticus hasn’t destroyed the tree, or even taken much interest in it.

we’re spending christmas with c’s family and i’m not really looking all that forward to it. they are such an odd family. there’s no warmth or love. well, if there is any, it’s all hidden under unhappiness, resentment and judgement. it’s just an uncomfortable environment. everything is so cold in his parent’s house ~ and sadly, it’s a combination of cold temprature and cold feelings. everthing feels so sterile there. everyone is so stuffy. and it’s only immediate family that will be there. and there’s always a seating chart and i NEVER get to sit next to c at dinner! it’s retarded. and we have to go for both christmas eve and christmas day. and gift time is so strange. his mother totally tries to buy love. i mean, she goes nuts with gifts. don’t get me wrong, i love to recieve, but it’s a bit out of control.

i’m really trying not to be a bitterman….


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