a lot of words but not much to say

okay, so i’m really trying not to be a bitterman about christmas. it’s been a very good day so i’d say i’m doing well on that front.

i did get up early, mostly because i didn’t sleep very well, and also because c is so friggen loud when he gets up. i stayed in bed a long time reading and drinking coffee, which was good. atticus snuggled with me, which was great ~ even though he had pooped on the floor ~ i didn’t have the heart to throw him in the garage as punishment.

i chatted on line for a while with my friend, uptrodden, then headed to the gym for another rock star workout. i felt so good after my workout!

so good, that i treated myself to mc d’s when i was done. mmmm. tastes so good when it hits the lips. c hates mc d’s so i always go when he’s not around. and today, i ran into a bunch of people ~ including the ups guy ~ that i knew there.

and speaking of the ups guy, i have been seeing him so much lately! it’s funny. when i was out for coffee with a girlfriend the other day at starbucks, i ran into the ups guy again and she couldn’t believe how many people i know in town ~ and she grew up here. what can i say….i’ve got personality. heh heh.

anywho, after my delicious lunch, i had some sky rockets in flight…afternoon delight….mmm. wot!?

later i started working on c’s christmas gift to his dad and bro. yes, i’m making their gift. he got together a bunch of photos of his family hunting from years ago and some current ones and i had to put them all together in a frame delio with some creative artwork of my own creation. i worked on it for 2 hours and only gone one finished. it looks great, though. i actually started on the photo part earlier in the week…but still it’s a big project. luckily that’s all i have left for christmas.

c came home around 6 pm and we went to a meeting and picked up a pizza for dinner. he’s watching the sopranos and i’m futzing around in the office. we watched 3 hours of the sopranos last night, so i’m a bit burnt on the mafia right now. bada bing, bada bang.

i’m also a retard, yet again, with the house finances. i had to ask flowergirl if she could hold the check i sent her so i could figure things out. i’m so lame! i hate having to do that and i owe her big time. thankfully she’s a good friend and very understanding of my retard ways. yaaaaaaaaay.

c is getting up at the ass-crack of dawn to go hunting so i’m going to get some good sleep in time. i might actually do some writing tomorrow. but we’ll see. i might also think of a plan so that i can flee like a rat from christmas if it gets to be too much…

but right now, my little dog will is sleeping along side atty. you know, will. will-to-live. yeah, he’s back. 🙂


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