thank god the year is almost over…

tomorrow is my last day at my job. it was supposed to be next sunday, but as of thursday, the great executive folks that work here, decided that they no longer want the restaurant to be open before dinner. so, that means my whole staff had a 3 day notice before they lost their jobs. nice. oh, but the execs still want to be open on saturday and sunday. hmmm. how is that going to work? my whole staff is upset, and rightfully so. that pretty much leaves 10 people out of jobs. no one is going to want to work only 2 weekend days. it’s not worth it.

i asked what would have happened to me, had i not given notice a few weeks ago, and they said they would have found another place for me at the hotel. that is such bull, as there is no other place at the hotel. the whole hotel is downsizing.

but, at least i get to collect unemployment, right? because they let me go before my resignation date? at least i think that’s what will happen. it’s all just a big mess, if you ask me.

on another note, i had to speak at an aa meeting last night. share my story and tell them all about me. surprisingly, i wasn’t really all that nervous and felt that i did really well. i had to speak for 20 minutes about what happened and what it’s like for me now. it felt really good, actually, to get it all out. plus, i spoke in a very general way so it really wasn’t that bad at all. it was a good release, actually.

well, now i’ll have time to figure out my life a bit…


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