reach up for the sunrise

i’m crazy. i know it. i’m going to get up at the ass-crack of dawn to go the flowermarket with flowergirl. i have to be at her house at 4 am, which means i have to leave my house by 3:30 am. we’re driving to the City. it should be great, though. since she’s a florist she gets the wholesale price and gets in before the regular people get to go.

work was uneventful, except for the part where the morning crew keeps saying they are going to throw me in the pool on my last day. and since i’m so small, i don’t doubt that they will. i just better remember not to wear a white shirt that day!!! and since they have a history of throwing people in for various things, i’m pretty sure it’ll happen. thankfully the pool is heated… 🙂

c and i are going to a magazine launch party this thursday at the hotel. it should be fun and i’m looking forward to dressing up. i don’t know the last time i dressed up. i think i’m going to wear one of my black cocktail dresses and some strappy heals. i better get a sassy pedicure!

i haven’t gone to a launch since he worked at an ad agency in the City. we used to go all the time. that was so great. i miss doing that sort of thing. well, i better make dinner.

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