memories like rohmbauer

in a strange turn of events, i think i talked to all my peeps from my past life except for the white bear today. oh, and my one girlfriend who has a crazy busy press job…but other than that, i talked to 6 of my peeps from the last place i called home. all at random times today, and either over email or text message on my cell phone. it was quite nice, i must say. two of them don’t live there anymore ~ one lives in sf and the other in la, but they were all there when i was. and two new people that i know now used to work in the very building that i was in. so wierd. i also texted with them tonight. i am feeling a lot of love right now from my peeps. i’m having good memories of the last place. i am playing the garden state soundtrack, which gives me fond memories of that time. it even makes me remember times i had long since forgotten.

on another note, i have to say that i have gotten so much friggen love today from the cute boys that i know. i know i’m a flirt, but not dangerously so. i only flirt with those that can take it and know i’m not serious. it’s just nice to get messages or greetings from boys who think i’m beautiful because i never hear that kind of stuff at home. you always seek what you don’t get at home, i guess.

kindness goes so far with me. so sadly, i think that is something that is so easily forgotten. especially by c.

holy cow! another old friend just im’d me….i have to go! this is great!!!


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