it’s time to be thankful

so i did it. sort of. just before i left work for the day ~yes, i had to work today~ my boss asked to talk to me. i knew something was up, as he never just asks to talk to me. anyhow, turns out someone had told him that i am planning on leaving. that someone has to be cankles. (i’ll explan more about her in a few minutes). anyhow, we had a pleasant enough conversation and i ended up saying that i would like to leave before christmas. i wasn’t really ready to do that, but i was in a bit of a pickle with him bringing it up and all, so it was clear what i had to do. anyhow, a sense of relief has washed over me. i guess things do have a way of working out. c accepted a new job on monday that he will start next week, our home computer is working, and i have found several jobs to apply to. i’m going to work on a formal resignation letter and present it to my boss on monday.

cankles, on the other hand, is on my last nerve. she is the night time supervisor and is called cankles for very obvious reasons. not only does she have awful fashion sense ~ you know it’s bad when pretty much everyone comments on it ~ but she wears these god awful nuddie nylons that are really thick and suntan colored. she also wears old granny skirts and flat shoes. she rarely matches her top with her bottom and she always pulls her hair back into a pony tail. i was actually pretty surprised to hear the others comment on her constant state of disaray. i mean, i always noticed, but never knew how much others noticed. sadly, she’s only about 28 and thinks she’s totally in fashion. she thinks she is so ralph lauren. are you kidding me? just because one always wears the same ralph lauren sweater, does not one ralph lauren make.

anyhow, i digress. she has the loosest lips of anyone i know. she has no idea when to keep her mouth shut. she has thrown me under the bus to my boss several times already and today is the final straw. i’m better than that, as i had no comments to make back to him regarding all the things she has told me and how much she doesn’t like him. that’s just not my style.

so anyhow, i best be getting a new job soon. like tomorrow. but, at least i won’t have to work on christmas. and that i am thankful for.


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  1. Posted by kate on November 26, 2006 at 10:59 am

    so alls well that ends well! I hope that you find a great job and get some time off in between spots!! cheers! k

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