bah humbug

people who steal other people’s identity suck. big time. i am a victim, yet again. i am very bitter right now, especially, since i had my bank put an identity theft alert on my account a few months ago when my account was first used by some asshole. today, the same asshole used my account again. this is why i hate people. okay, i don’t hate all people. just most people.

other than that, my day was fine. my parents have been in town since monday and it’s been nice. they are not staying with us, as our house is too minny, so they go back to the hotel at just the right time each evening.

i hate the fact that i have to work tomorrow. i think i am going to hand in my resignation soon. i don’t know the last time c and i have spent a whole day together ~ definitly before i started this new job. and working on holidays? no thanks. and not having consistent days off? um…yeah, i’ll pass. and some friends are going out tonight, but i can’t go because i have to work so early in the morning. this sucks.

i swear, i’m trying not to be bitter. especially since it’s the holiday season and i so can’t get into it. i have started christmas shopping, though. i’m done with c, atticus and my mom. i have no idea what to get his mom. or my friend, j. i started with c’s dad. i don’t know what to get my dad. i need to get a few little treats for a few friends. don’t know where to start with that. i have my holiday cards. and cute holiday address labels. i ordered some new wrapping paper and have some decorations. flowergirl is going to make me a wreath. so, i’m half way there. i just need to get in the spirit. i’m trying, but i think i need to get out of my work situation before i’ll be truly happy. i am really, really excited that i have a fly new computer with super fast internet at home, though.


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