blogger is pissing me off. okay, maybe not so much blogger, but the computer that i am on. i should never have gotten so pissy with my laptop because now i have nothing to work on at home. and i can’t post anything but my words, either, which is annoying in and of itself. especially since i have a new fly-ass camera.

it is so friggen cold here right now. i want the nice weather back. just some sun would be nice. i hate when it’s overcast and cloudy. this morning when i left for work it was so foggy out i could barely see 5 feet in front of my car the whole way.

my parents arrive tomorrow and i already had a frustrating conversation with my dad, so i’m a little anxious. he thinks that i am a weak person and should just stay home and be a housewife. nice. he’s very old school in his beliefs, which has always been a bone of contention for me. he is very chauvanistic (sp?) which tends to get under my skin quite quickly. thankfully, my anti-anxiety meds help me tremendously, so i don’t get as rattled when i talk to him anymore. don’t get me wrong, my dad is a good guy, he’s just…well…different. he has a very different way of thinking. so does my mom. it’s like they are stuck in some wierd time warp.

i’m in trouble at work, again, and i don’t know why. i got an email yesterday from the evening supervisor in her broken english ~ which is especially pathetic since she is british and still can’t write correctly ~ saying that she needs to go over a few things with me. and no, i’m not trying to read into things here, either. the email was pretty condecending and i know where it’s headed — right down the toilet.

i am seriously considering putting in my resignation as soon as my boss comes back from his honeymoon. every day i’m just closer and closer to doing it. thankfully he comes back soon. mental health is way more important to me than anything. well…money is pretty darn nice….but not as nice as my well being.

crap…gotta go. will write more later.


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